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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions💉🦠 COVID-19 Vaccine and Brexit for UK
Edward Duffy asked 2 months ago

💉 🦠 COVID-19 Vaccine and Brexit for UK

Reading in the news this morning with the looming no deal Brexit on 31 December this could place in jeopardy the distribution of the COVID vaccine that the UK has ordered for it citizens. The first batch of the vaccine is now safely tucked away in storage and awaiting its first recipients but the Brexit deadline could pose problems for follow up supplies as the vaccine is coming from a plant in Belgium and the UK needs to negotiate with the EU for the vaccine to enter the UK. Obviously the EU has a free trade agreement between member nations so if the UK excised itself from the EU then why is it an issue for it to order goods and services from EU member states? What is the impact of the no deal Brexit for the UK?

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7 Answers
Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

I think this should not be a big issue between UK and EU. This is now between life and death, because the pandemic was not put into consideration when all these things were being discussed. The pandemic did not warn anyone about it’s impending arrival and disruptions. EU should easily allow the vaccine to transported to UK to save those innocent lives of people.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 months ago

UK exist should be postponed untill further notice,and Immediately start on guidelines and procedures on distribution of the vaccine to it’s people.Life should be number one priority, politics should come in later.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 2 months ago

It will be an issue, Edward. But, it seems that the Brexit-things will not cause any problem to the distribution of the vaccine. Also, today, the UK has started the vaccination program.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

The Brexit negotiation should not affect the distribution of the vaccine, Eu should take Human life in consideration to avoid the death.

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Gareth White answered 2 months ago

Yes I think the UK will be in a very strong position especially as the next vaccine which is produced in the UK is due to be approved this week. Im sure the UK will distribute regardless of brexit and no EU deal.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

The should not take into consideration the Brexit negotiation for the distribution of the vaccine, Human lives is most important that anything else. Covid19 is a matter of life and death.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 1 month ago

Hi, Gareth. How was the vaccination going in the UK?

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