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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsCOVID-19 Vaccine by Pfizer and M Biotech and Moderna and Their Impact on Other Pharmaceutical Companies
Eli Davis Keinamura asked 2 weeks ago

COVID-19 Vaccine by Pfizer and M Biotech and Moderna and Their Impact on Other Pharmaceutical Companies

Pfizer and M Biotech and Moderna  are the first to announce phase 3 results for COVID-19 vaccine with success rate at over 90%. What does it imply to other pharmaceutical companies?

David Matlala replied 2 weeks ago

The Pfizer, Morderna and now also the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have set the pace in the race to produce a safe and effective remedy against Covid-19.The varying success rates of the vaccine prompts other pharmaceutical companies to dig even deeper to find other better products than the available ones.
China has 5 home-grown candidates undergoing Phase III trials.
Xi Jinping says that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with other countries in the development and production of vaccines.
According to WHO, 210 candidate vaccines are at some stage of development with 10 in Phase III.
In Phase III the vaccine must be shown to be safe and effective before being submitted for approval and production.

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3 Answers
David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

The three vaccines will undoubtedly prompt other pharmaceutical companies to up their search for even better products that will pass approval easily. Time is definitely not on our side.
The second waves of infections sweeping Europe and the US should give the companies the impetus to perform efficient trials that will produce better results. Of course, cooperation between countries and the companies themselves is needed to avoid unnecessary repetitions and counter-productive procedures.

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Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

It appears that the Pfizer vaccine is before the FDA and they are asking for fast tracked approval so that the vaccine can start production and be distributed.
It appears from reports in the US that they want to see the vaccine being distributed prior to Christmas as the US is going back into disastrous territory as far as new infections and deaths.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 weeks ago

It’s a game changer and other pharmaceutical companies will need to up their game in order to be able share on the windfall.

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