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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions⚔️ Dictators, Are They Undermining Development in Their Countries?
Jackson Mugarura asked 2 months ago

⚔️ Dictators, Are They Undermining Development in Their Countries?

Are dictatorship governments undermining development in the developing world?
It should be noted, that a higher percentage governments in the developing world are dictatorships. In fact, more than 95% of countries in the developing are governed by dictators and a big number falls in Africa. These dictatorial regimes, are not accountable to anyone. Although they put in place some institutions to act as if they are accountable, in actual sense these institutions are just rubber stamps for legalizing their corrupt tendencies/ activities. They pretend to be setting up some social and economic infrastructures, but actually these are some of the means they use to siphon government resources. They can act like they are going to construct a road but award the contract to their colonies and then siphon/ steal the funds. The projects will never commence, and finally after many years you hear that funds were stolen. So many projects end up in this manner. This is the case in many African countries. I don’t know who cursed Africa but it’s the situation here. All in all, the whole situation looks like they don’t have any plans for developing their countries. Do you think they undermine development in their countries or it’s not their intentions? What’s your opinion?

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2 Answers
Gareth White answered 2 months ago

Hi Jackson, yes I definitely think dictators steer the country to which ever direction is going to benefit them the most. By developing a country too much they can see that their people will be affluent, they will have more money, more education etc and then start challenging the way things work and ask questions of their leaders. In essence they will become less controllable and a dictator wants control.

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Myriam Pierre answered 6 days ago
I will say look what just happened here almost 2 weeks ago in the United States.It also makes me wonder what is happen to the United Nations which is supposed to stop this dreadful thing from happening. In the 21st century we should not have this kind of government.The dictator way of governing is to practically annihilate their population and just enrich themselves. I am aware that most of these comments are from men.I do not even think the men would appreciate dictatorship suppressing and practically destroye th lying the rights and accomplishments if today's women.We can all only hope and continue to fight to protect our rights.Remember Bob Marley. Stand up Stand up Stand up for your ri th it's.Don't give up the fight.
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