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Shane Collins asked 4 weeks ago

📱What Is Digital Marketing and How Does It Work?

Digital marketing is a component of marketing. Digital marketing is a way to make use of the internet and online based technologies to promote and or sell products and services.
Digital marketing may include the following; desktop computers, mobile devises, tablets, social media platforms and websites.
Before using digital marketing as a marketing strategy it is always best to understand the market how we do that well in just four easy steps:

  1. Consumer behavior
  2. Predictive annalistic
  3. Buyer persona
  4. Market strategy

Step one: It always best to start with understanding a consumers thought process. It is also known as an empathy map. Start with asking questions that consumers may be thinking of in their demographic.
Step two: Understand the feelings that consumer may be experiencing and see what u can do about it as marketer.
Step three: think of what the consumer might say and do in the situation.
Step four: think of what the consumer will do based on the first three steps and implement your marketing strategy.

Tools to build digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) used to improve visibility on search engines.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) the purchase of ad-spaces on websites and pages.
  • Social media marketing- Marketing that takes place on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Content marketing- In the form of brand centered blogs, articles, videos and or landing pages.

The developments and strategies of digital marketing that can be used by marketers:

The truth is digital marketing is of course very technology dependent and technology is always changing and or improving therefor digital marketing also always changes and improves.
Here is a list listed below of the different strategies and developments that can be used for digital marketing:

  • Segmentation; this is used to further emphasize getting target specific markets from business to business and or business to consumer sectors.
  • Influencer marketing; these are important nodes known as influencers. Influencers offer marketers ad-space on social media platforms to promote brands to a large audience.
  • Online behavior advertising; this is the monitoring of search behaviors over a period of time to deliver adverts tail ordered to users interests.
  • Collaborative environment; this is set by an organization, technology service provider and a digital agency to optimize efforts, reusability, resource sharing and communications. A large group of people gets invited to share ideas that will later be evaluated by marketers to get targeted advertisement ideas.
  • Remarketing; remarketing plays a huge role in digital marketing this form of marketing allows marketers to publish targeted ads to the correct audience based on interest categories.
  • Game advertising; this is usually ads within computer and or video games that usually promote products as gaming symbols (products like: cars, guns and clothing)

I am sure that there are many more forms of digital marketing spread across the web however the ones listed above is most successful in my opinion.
Digital marketing benefits:

I really think that digital marketing has loads of plusses for marketers. Digital marketing reaches a lot more people than traditional marketing. Marketing on social media platforms are also a very cost effective way to market and is usually low cost marketing. Engagement with consumers is more direct and problems can be resolved sooner and efficiently. Digital marketing is also the perfect environment to conduct market research from. Social platforms are also very great ways to inform consumers about brand events, deals and or news.

I have previously asked “in your opinion what is the best marketing strategy?” I really feel that digital marketing is a very good marketing strategy that will help marketers reach the target market and helps to promote products and services targeted on consumer’s behaviors and interests.

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