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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsDo You Dream to Become Rich or You Just Want to Make Enough Money to Make a Living?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 3 weeks ago

Do You Dream to Become Rich or You Just Want to Make Enough Money to Make a Living?

How big are your financial dreams?

Are you dreaming of becoming rich or all you need is to make some money to become able to afford a simple life?

Do you think your dreams are important in your success?

Do you agree with the quote below?

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams…then they aren’t big enough!” ― Grayson Marshall

Myriam Pierre replied 3 weeks ago

I will give my point of view. I do need to be able to make a living however especially in these ultra difficult days I want to also be able to have more than enough to live.And yes that quote below strikes a chord. It’s true.

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

Dreams are good but dreams alone can not make one rich. You must back it up with prayers, good plan and action.

Innigold replied 3 weeks ago

Perfect one
Because dreams can not come true without God

Beston replied 2 weeks ago

God is the key

Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

Most people dream to be rich but dreams don’t make one rich.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Any big achievement begins with a dream.
If you can’t dream it, you can’t make it.

Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Rich – definition – having a great deal of money or assets, wealthy.
I am not sure if I would like to fit the definition above and I also think I have left it a little too late to be able to get to this point and I sure someone here will tell me they disagree but I am being realistic. My idea of where I think I will get to or what I really want to achieve is to be able to retire from working before I reach 65 and then be able to be able to pay my mortgage out and the buy a van that my wife and I can live in and travel Australia and also maybe fit in some international travel. I would also like to be able to make a substantial donation to a worthy charity with the money that I have been able to accumulate.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

My dream is to become very rich in life.

Gareth White answered 2 weeks ago

I always dream about being rich and slowly but surely I believe it will happen – just need to keep believing

David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

I do dream of becoming rich. I want to have more than enough to enable me to help others who are less fortunate.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

I always dreams to become rich one day.My dream of becoming rich is not only to have more money to buy beautiful cars; houses; live a good life or doing whatever I want. My goals if I become rich is not only to take care of myself and my family of course but also help people around me; poor people;orphans and any person than need my help. I’m sure in order to achieve this I need God first; prayers then Hard work.

Innigold replied 2 weeks ago


Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

I view money and riches more as a mean than a final goal. I view money as mean to enjoy more what I currently am doing. Having this view made me clear which one should I choose regarding your question, do I need to be extremely rich or just have enough money to do what I want to do. In my case, I define rich as having money of at least three times the amount that I need. And, of course, my need evolve over time and the amount of money that I intend to have also evolve accordingly.
Thus, being rich will be of little value to you if you don’t know what to do with what you will have after you have become rich.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 weeks ago

I always dream big things,l need a level where l accumulate wealth and profits start coming yearly while sitted with my children.

Innigold replied 2 weeks ago

Good one

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

I don’t only dreams to make money for a living, I do really dreams to become rich to help poor people, orphans, friends and much people around the world. I will be happy and proud of myself if I achieve this.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 6 days ago

My Dream is to become riche then richer. That will allow me to make my living situation great and also help people around the world to make their dreams become true.

Gareth White answered 6 days ago

I make enough money now to make a living so I guess I just wanna be rich!!

Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 days ago

I deam to become rich to help people. As luckscoutclub member, I hope to get a stable income every is a step to achieve this dream.

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