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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsDo You Think Pi Cryptocurrency Will Have a Brilliant Future Like Bitcoin or Even Better?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 2 months ago

Do You Think Pi Cryptocurrency Will Have a Brilliant Future Like Bitcoin or Even Better?

I personally think that Pi Cryptocurrency is going to have a great future, maybe even better than Bitcoin. I have reasons for it:

  1. Pi is backed by the new technology that doesn’t damage the environment.
  2. It doesn’t need any special tool like strong computers to mine.
  3. It is free to mine.
  4. It works based on the social connections and real people, not based on the mysteries.
  5. Stanford graduates have established the Pi coin, whereas nobody knows who is really behind Bitcoin.

Start mining Pi on your phone for free now:

GODWIN replied 2 months ago

I have been mining and hope to proceed faster

Lee Akins replied 2 months ago

I have not been mining but will start soon

David replied 1 month ago

Based on the reasons you put forward, and the fact that Pi is an improvement over the flaws of other existing Cryptocurrencies, it seems to have a much better chance of success.

Jackson Mugarura replied 7 days ago

The future of pi can not be predicted at the moment, but as humans with ambitions and desire to be better, we need to be optimistic. Pi might become better and have a very bright future.

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Jackson answered 2 months ago

Hopefully, pi crypto currency may have a brighter future ahead. But I have doughts because like any layman, I really don’t understand what’s happening. To me, it’s something that I can just believe, hoping that maybe something good might come out of it. Infact I hoped that something to be of value, it should have a cost of acquisition. That’s my view.

Vicaris answered 2 months ago

I’m quite skeptical about it. It depends on the creator’s motive. I just hope it turns out to be like bitcoin or even better

Nnaemeka Victor answered 1 month ago

When would value be attached to the Pi cryptocurrency and how would the payment be done?

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

Please read the FAQ:

keines answered 4 weeks ago

 It may have a good future,it is just a matter of time since its mining is easy compared to bitcoin.lets hope for the best

Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

I have no idea if Pi will be as good as other cryptocurrencies but it would be fantastic if it did as it would be a great retirement fund.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 4 weeks ago

My fingers are crossed for better future

Male answered 3 weeks ago

Is all depend on supply and demand.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

Yes I think and believe that Pi Will get more valuable than Bitcoin or Etheruim. The reason I’m saying that is because there is Smart projet behind Pi coin
1)it is based on New technology and algorithm ;
2)it doesn’t damage the environment whereas bitcoin does.
It is free to mine Pierced for Now ;
3)it doesn’t need lot of energy to be mined ;
Pi was established by Stanford graduates that give Pi a huge change to become valuable in the future.

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

I think so. I have read the Pi whitepaper and have great confidence in their principles. Although they did not guarantee the eventual success of Pi, Pi is worth trying.

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

I am really hoping that Pi goes as well as Bitcoin as I am now over 530 Pi.

James0608 replied 2 weeks ago

Really no idea whether it will be as good as bitcoin . But I’m keep on mining hoping it will be better then other cryptocurrency. Hope it will have same sensation as Bitcoin .

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

I absolutely agree that Pi coin Will have a better future than Bitcoin. I’m mining pi coin every day,and will continue doing it every single day.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 week ago

Of course Pi value will go up base on the technology which is behind the project.

Jackson Mugarura answered 1 week ago

It’s my wish, but let’s wait and see. It’s an opportunity that has come up and I can’t let it go. I to keep my fingers crossed and wait and see. As you always say once an opportunity is gone, it’s gone. It’s like weather, it changes anytime!

Jonathan Yodok answered 1 week ago

The era of virtual currency is well established. I think PiCoin has a very good future through the implementation of the action plan that has been arranged by the inventors and management of this PiCoin. Of course we do not know when it will be but this PiCoin will produce value that increases over time.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 days ago

Yes it certainly sure Pi coin will have a better future. Whether it will happen or not I will keep mining pi to see what be his future. The best thing is it doesn\’t consumed energy and time me time to nime. I will no miss this opportunity for any reason.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 days ago


Jonathan Yodok answered 2 days ago

Wait and see in five years. mining PiCoin for fun for now.

Leon2620 answered 2 days ago

it all depends on the market cap.

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