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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsEffect of COVID-19 on the Environment
Edward Duffy asked 1 month ago

Effect of COVID-19 on the Environment

Just from observation it appears that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a massive impact on the environment with all the additional face masks that are being used especially the surgical variety and these appear to be made of a plastic non woven fabric and with people not disposing of them properly what effect will this have on the environment? Even if they are disposed of properly landfill is being filled with them as well and I am sure they are not bio degradable?
What do we do?

14 Answers
Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 month ago

COVID-19 adversely affected everything in the world,businesses, recreation even sports.

Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 1 month ago

Yes… more waste and garbage…
The only good thing was the lock down that allowed the earth to take a breath…

Ahmad Khasan answered 1 month ago

I never thought of that. The face masks waste will eventually be a burden to the environment. As more people spending longer time in their home the demand for electricity and food will increase. The electricity sectors should level up their production to meet this demand, and this too, will increase the green house gas emission from electricity plants. Of course the food waste and the waste from food production will also increase. But we should also calculate the decrease in air pollution due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

James0608 replied 1 month ago

The usage of PPE increased tremendously. Millions maybe billions of face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer bottles used daily . All this will cause major environmental problem if not disposed properly . Most of it will end up in rubbish bins and small percentage will be thrown in the sea . Sea pollution also will increase and endangering sea lives.

Birembero4 answered 1 month ago

Covid 19 has caused more problems and challenges to humans and economic activities.
The environment has benefited eg there has been improvement in air quality .air pollution has reduced due to international travel restrictions . carbon emission in air has reduced.
Reduction in public transport has also led to a decline in demand for oil.This has also improved on water pollution.
Equatic life in water especially lakes has also benefited due to reduction of water pollution .
Man’s activities  of mining,forestry have reduced ,hence maintaining the vegetation cover.

David Matlala answered 1 month ago

The wrong disposal of surgical masks is a real environmental problem. Is only now that the authorities realize they should have  campaigned for the wearing of masks and their safe  disposal from the beginning.

Jackson Mugarura answered 1 month ago

Definitely, the environment is already being affected badly. The pandemic and it’s effects is add more fire.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

The researches shows that CoVid19 has affected our environment. In positive aspects, the improvement in air quality, clean beaches, reduction of environment noise, large drop in air pollution and water pollution. Reduction in carbine emmission.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 1 month ago

Medical supplies disposals,items like face masks, laboratory testing kits,grooves,burrying many people in mass graves may in future pose some challenges to the environment.
If waste diposal is not managed well even, other new diseases may a rise.

Gareth White answered 1 month ago

The environment is definitely suffering, with An estimated 194 billion disposable masks and gloves being used worldwide every month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic there is a lot of plastic ending up in the ecosystem. I think they said there are now more masks than jellyfish in the ocean!! Plus they take around 450 years to decompose so there effect will be felt for lifetimes.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 month ago

COVID-19 affected the environment adversely .

Nnaemeka Victor answered 1 month ago


David Matlala answered 1 month ago

The effects of covid-19 on the environment will be fully assessed after the virus has been brought under control. Hopefully the present environmental impact will not hamper our fight against the virus.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 weeks ago

The pandemic has caused positive and negative consequences on the environment. We can notice the decrease in air pollution and water pollution, reduction in carbon emissions. In the other hand the wast masks will be a burden to the environment for many years.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 4 weeks ago

COVID-19 pandemic affected everything in the world today, these include sports,recreation and businesses.

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