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Steinar Kloverod asked 2 weeks ago

Epic Trading As a Legitimate and Fast Growing MLM

What Is Epic Trading?

Epic Trading is a legitimate and fast growing MLM scheme that gives their members a great service through the business plan that is to teach their members to get the necessary skills to trade Forex and they have also their Compensation plan that will give you residual income if you start to recruit members.

They are a serious company and have in a very short time built up a forum of people that have possibility to both learn to trade Forex currency, communicate on Epic Trading’s Telegram account and as well get signals to use in Forex Trading. I have already mentioned, their unlike Compensation plan and the members can take advantage of both the Forex education, Forex signals and residual income through the Compensation plan.

How all these opportunities works is further explained on Epic Trading home site and in my stories about Epic Trading: Joining a legitimate MLM is the best way of having passive income, presented at home site. You can also find more information about Epic Trading and the LuckScout Club in my post, What Is Epic Trading All About and several good articles and posts about Epic Trading on the LuckScout home site.

Why I joined Epic Trading

I joined Epic Trading primarily because of their compensation plan. I have for many years looked for a way to earn residual income, but every time I thought I have found something it did not work out and I got disappointed.

The Compensation Plan of Epic Trading is both simple to understand and it gives results. The monthly fee for a membership with Epic Trading is $134.99 and that amount will be reduced to $14.99 when it is referred 3 members to your account. You have to sign in for an IBO account to be able to get provision when your team grows. For the moment LuckScout Club offer free help with their work to grow your Compensation Plan. They will for the moment pay both the Scholar fee and the IBO fee for you until your account is starting earning residual money.

Epic Trading is so much more. You have their Forex education that gives you a basic education in Forex trading and you can follow both webinars with trading tips, the Telegram forum where you can communicate with other members and watch videos about Forex trading.

I mentioned earlier the possibility to join Epic Trading with help from the LuckScout club.  A membership with them costs you $95,- in a monthly fee, but that amount is it possible to earn many times if you are active doing all the things a membership gives you and best of all the support you will get from them if you also joins Epic Trading. You have to recruit 12 people to start to earn money in the Compensation plan. We all know have difficult it is to do so. The LuckScout Club helps you to refer members to your team. It is a main thing they do for their members who also are members of Epic Trading. If you get enough points to come into the top earners group your points will be converted to dollar. Earning points and money is on a monthly basis and you will next month start from zero again. All this is explained in the terms of LuckScout.


I have now told you why I joined Epic Trading. I have told about all the things they offer through a membership. A membership must be of great interest for those of you who already trades Forex and wish to have reliable Forex signals to compare with their own currency pairs positions. It gives you the possibility to grow your Forex account even more.

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If you also join the LuckScout Club and Epic Trading you will be able to take advantage of both the Forex material and their Compensation Plan.

Further information can like I have said earlier be found on their website. If you want membership, you can sign up by using my membership link.

My membership ID is 3075802 in case the form asks you to enter it.

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1 Answers
Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, Mr Steinar.
You have written a well-thought-of post. You already have three referrals under you, so you must have registered an IBO account right?
So far, how are you doing with their education platform?

Steinar Kloverod replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Ahmad,
I have been there and followed their education videos. I have also seen that their Forex signals are real and not fake like many other Trading signals to be found on the net.

I am hesitant about it because I earlier have had some negative experiences with Forex trading. Vahid recommends to start with a demo account so I will be more confident with it.

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