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Ahmad Khasan asked 7 days ago

💡Epic Forex Signals Performance:
How I Earn Over 300+ Pips in a Week

I have joined EPIC Trading since December 2020. EPIC Trading is an online forex education platform that teaches their scholar to trade the forex market successfully. To achieve this goal, they provide various programs and services, such as:

  1. EPIC university
  2. Live trading session
  3. Fundamental analysis
  4. Market forecast
  5. EPIC Forex signals
  6. Etc.

Each of this service provides high value for money. But, my favorite is EPIC Trading Forex signals. I believe that most of you reading this article have been familiar with forex signals and how they work. If you don’t, please google it.

The most important question is:

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Are forex signals worth it?

My short and honest answer is YES. Forex signal is worth it if you obtain the signals from reliable and professional providers. And I will demonstrate that EPIC Trading is one of the most reliable and professional forex signal providers.

I have traded the EPIC Trading Forex signals since January 4, 2021. I have posted the trading results in this post:

I will keep updating it.

Below is the key performance indicator of the reliability and profitability of EPIC Forex signals. I created this report based on the trades I take between January 4 and January 13, 2021.

Only two indicators required for a profitable trading system/forex signal the risk to reward ratio and the winning rate.

Profit Factor: 2.29

Profit factor is profit to lose ratio. In other words, t is the percentage of total profit to the total loss. The profit factor is 2.29. It means that the gross profit is 2.26 times larger than the gross loss. FYI, the profit factor larger than 2 is excellent.

Winning rate: 63.64%

It is the percentage of winning trades to total trades. The EPIC forex signals have a winning rate of 63.64%.

The benefit of forex signals for beginning traders

As a beginning trader, the primary benefit of forex signal is to learn to execute a trade with discipline. Using a forex signal, I don’t need too much energy to locate the best trade set-up (This is a skill that I am learning at EPIC Trading). That way, I can spend my time perfecting my skill at executing trade as they come up. I think that trade execution is a crucial skill that a beginning trader should learn before analyzing the market.

Finally, If you really want to be a consistently profitable trader, you must make an investment in yourself. There many forex education platforms on the internet, but in my opinion EPIC Trading is one of the best. Furthermore, if you join our Become A Millionaire campaign, you can make learn forex and at the same time, make money while we are growing your team.

Please refer to this page to learn more about how to be a millionaire by using this system:

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6 Answers
LuckScout Staff answered 7 days ago

Thank you Ahmad 👍
You got the 100,000 prize 😀

Ahmad Khasan replied 7 days ago

Wow. Great! Thank you very much…

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 7 days ago

Great for you Ahmad, you’re a motivational person that people need in this club.

Ahmad Khasan replied 7 days ago

Thank you, Leno. You are a great person too. I hope you will join us too at EPIC trading.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 7 days ago

I would have joined this opportunity since December, but i don’t have credit card neither bank account.
I’m really desperated to miss this opportunity

LuckScout Staff replied 7 days ago

What opportunity Leno?
Epic trading?

Leno Jean Pierre replied 6 days ago

Yes Mr Vahid, i have tried to join epic trading since your first live in last December. I was just stopped by the lack of credit card. Then i tried to pay with the credit card of my sister,unfortenately i was not allowed to do so.
PayPal option is not available too.
I’m living in Morocco, as a stranger ,i couldn’t open a bank account by lack of national ID card. They don’t allow to open an bank account with the passport.

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LuckScout Staff answered 7 days ago

Other posts that are as quality as the above posts, done by Ahmad, will be rewarded 100,000 points too.
It is now the permanent part of the program.

Ahmad Khasan replied 7 days ago

Is there any limit to the number of post submitted for each member?

LuckScout Staff replied 6 days ago

No, there is no limit.

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Edward Duffy answered 6 days ago

Thanks Vahid. Is there a word count or are you the judge?

LuckScout Staff replied 6 days ago

Hi Edward,
Thank you too.
Yes, they need to have at least 400-500 words otherwise they will have a much lower chance to get rank by Google and they cannot be known “quality” posts.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 6 days ago

People should have courage to participate. 100000 points is enough, even one question a day can allow you to get many points by the end of the month.

LuckScout Staff replied 6 days ago

Yes Leno. Please try it. You can do it. Your posts are good and are getting better. So you can have 100,000 points posts too.

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