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Shane Collins asked 3 weeks ago

Former President Trump News and the Newest Developments

Former president Mr. Donald Trump has and continues to cause quite the stir leaving hundreds including myself asking the question what is going on?

Everybody is aware of the court cases against the former president however there is still very much speculation revolving the subject.

Everyone knows that former president Donald John Trump the 45th president of the United States since 2017 until January 2021 tried to overturn Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory based on unsubstantiated election fraud. The court case was in the first place viewed as very embarrassing however further prosecution is a possibility facing an impeachment charge.

Like I have said above Trump took Biden to the supreme court based on allegations of election fraud however it was Trump’s legal teams that failed the first response to the house’s impeachment charge and was found responsible for the violence at the capitol on the 6th of January leading to further prosecution.

The whole argument for taking the matter to the Supreme Court in the first place was that Mr. Trump has first amendment rights and feels that the elections were suspect and or tampered with that lead to the initial court case. After a rather embarrassing turn of events that being Trumps unwillingness to give up power it was found that insufficient evidence exists that immediately made the former president Mr. Trump’s statements false and or untrue.

Lawmakers personal office staffers have been kept in the dark with intense preparations and members were told not to do media interviews. This is only to stop potential leaks and not to distract Biden’s administration from dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the untrue statements of the former president including the new evidence supporting that Mr. Trump is responsible for the capital violence on the 6th of January Trump was charged with inciting the insurrection for the events of the 6th of Jan. Judges and election officials conclude that Mr. Trump’s challenges from the previous court case lack proof and legal merit and the new speculation is that the attack on the 6th was indeed planned by Trump. Logically incitement would not come instantaneously from one speech.

Furthermore it has been known that Mr. Trump has in fact had a history of suggesting violence to his followers. This is going to be important to the looming trial of course.

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Conviction is very much so sought after by republicans and democrats that argue that an oath has been neglected. The oath being “Do impartial justice according to the constitution of law” was not adhered to. I think Mr. Trump has gotten himself into quite the pickle in the upcoming court case.

However the news around Mr. Trump is not all about court cases and lots more has taken place.

Trumps administration requested parental leave and Mr. Biden’s team said NO.

A member of Trumps administration had asked for parental leave, The Commerce Department of resources did approve this leave but was revoked when the administration had changed.

Ex- Trump officials risk losing their jobs after Biden has been sworn in. This is actually just a by-product of the work field these people are in. Trumps departure means that his employees too lose their jobs and benefits.

The argument is that Biden administration should have kept former employees on the payroll until their leave period was over. Biden white house declined and said that it was Trumps administrations fault for being slow on quick and orderly transition and that is why former Trump employees are now surprised by benefits ending.

Furthermore Biden is changing a great deal of things including Mr. Trump’s presidential orders in hopes to sort out the inequality currently at play in the United States.

Biden also really does seem to want to get the economy back on track at the moment with his new plan. There is just really loads going on with the politics of United States and maybe with trumps rain over things can finally move forward. However with so many changes at play Biden is risking support from democrats. All these changes so soon may also have a negative impact on the economy as well as peoples livelihoods.

These changes are aimed at changing Trump’s policies and focusing on Biden administrations top priorities and main focusses.

Health care, Immigration, Environment and equity and diversity policies were the first to change.

Immigration-Biden has ordered for the reestablishment of the Obama-era task force to help immigrants into American communities. This will also allow government agencies to review policies and regulations that are otherwise viewed as barriers for legal immigration. Policies will also be put into place so that federal government can’t separate families affected by immigration. There will also be a framework put into place to access underlying migration cases from Southern boarders into the United States.

Health care- Orders have been put into place to strengthen the affordable care act by recommending the opening of a three month enrollment period for uninsured Americans. Furthermore Trump’s orders on abortion services have been reversed and better family planning programs are being put into place.

Environment-Biden has declared climate change as a national security concern and committed to conservation goals. There are orders put into place to establish a council of advisors on science and technology to try and do something about climate change.

Equity and diversity- The department of justice will no longer renew their contracts with private prisons the order does not apply to U.S.  Immigration and customs enforcement. Furthermore racism and xenophobia have been condemned against Asian Americans as well as Pacific Islanders. More equal job opportunities are also considered a vital part of moving forward.

There will be many more changes still to come I guess my question is what do you think about the whole situation please feel free to share your opinion.

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3 Answers
Steinar Kloverod answered 3 weeks ago

I think many people feel themselves more relaxed with Joe Biden to be American president. It was so much uncertainty in the whole society with Trump. This was both towards inhabitants in the United States and other countries.

Shane Collins replied 3 weeks ago

I agree that with Joe Biden taking over presidency calls for a much more beneficial change.

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Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Shane, thank you for the article and I really think that Trump is in trouble on a lot of angles especially considering that I think he will be impeached a second time and I have heard that there are a number of other cases that Trump will be the focus of in the coming years. I think his opponents will be going all out to prove that he incited insurrection on Capitol Hill and then there will be an avalanche of court cases and it could be that he may even be ruined financially and may even end up gaol.
The next year or so will make interesting viewing from a distance.

Shane Collins replied 3 weeks ago

For sure Mr. Edward politics have become very worrisome lately. You are also right on one thing Trump is not walking away unscarred however maybe the whole situation could maybe have been avoided if he was not so power hungry and unwilling to give up power to Joe Biden. With his unsupported claims on election fraud that clearly lacked evidence and legal merit may have very well opened Pandora’s box for the former president.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 3 weeks ago

One more thing Shane.  As usual your writing is very good.  It is of course much insecurity about the coming impeachment case against Trump that will take place this month.  Probably nothing happens because too less republican members of the congress will vote for an start up.

Shane Collins replied 3 weeks ago

I truly and honestly think Trump is in for a real shock when the looming case goes on trail there is allegedly lots of evidence that proves Trump’s past behavior of inciting violence amongst his followers I am quite confidant that he is not going to just simply get away with any of his past actions now but maybe it all could have been avoided if he just accepted defeat.
Once again thank you so much for complimenting me on my writing skills as English is not my home langue but I am actually an Afrikaans speaking individual. Mr. Steinar your writing is very well yourself and keep up the good work.

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