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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsGod; Does He Exist? Or What Really Is the Most Important Thing to Be Known?
Arisonace asked 4 weeks ago

I have been thinking about the relationship between the big bang theory and God ever since Mr. Vahid Chaychi asked his question. See link:

The big bang theory was an idea and might have been proven. There’s a way ideas rule the world and when certain ideas are ingrained within man, such a men acts within limits of such idea. If I become a professor and reknowned one, and I tell my grandchildren that the earth is square shaped while at kindergarten, they will believe because I am a Professor and they are my grand children and students. When they get to elementary school, and another Professor tells them that the earth is square shaped, they will believe. But as they develop and they gain independence of mind and choices, they seek answers for themselves and until they are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the earth is square. The brightest among my grand children will find out that the world is ROUND but he may keep this to him self because there is going to be a paradigm shift in his brain you know. I’ve never gone round the world to confirm its sphe rival shape but I believe it and that’s what I was taught and I have seen in books, eve the moon and Sun are round. What if I say the star’s too are spherical,  will you believe? I guess no because they don’t look round. But imagine looking a a light bulb shinning bright into your eyes. It will have Some star like effect, does that mean the light source or light itself is star shaped? No. Our opinions of what we see matters and how we see and perceive what we see. Sometimes, its a personal thing that we a ‘re convinced about that we market as truths.

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Ok. Talking about God: God is not an object, neither a man or tangible something we can feel, we cannot imagine GOD in the real sense. But man must always find a way of marking life easy and simple. Therefore, man, in his imagination has devised means to make God a reality, but God is beyond man’s concept of defining reality. GOD is an Existence and cannot be imagined at the same time. You may wonder why God cannot be imagined from my point of view, this is because man is LIMITED in his or her imagination. By the way, I noticed only men are active on this group, what about the women? …. a little digression there…. imagine a fininite entity  (man) in a mathematical model training to consume or understand an infinite EXISTENCE (God). At best, the finite entity will describe the in fire existence based on its capacity within the limits of finite existence and this will be broadcasted abroad until a paradigm shift occurs in the minds of all men globally that this is how to define GOD, some even go further to say God doesn’t exist. God not existing is just the natural behavior of human nature to make life easy and understandable. Jesus in The Bible had to explain high level parables using substances that can be felt, seen or touched because men where limited in thought. See, then God was closer to men before than now. Then God visited his creatures in the garden, Adam and Eve, but as reason and knowledge increased, man had to distances Himself and today, we can see the heavens are so so far away that we see it high up and far there. And His Heaven is getting far and far as human (limited being) is increasing. Don’t you know that the more technically advanced men are supporting the non existence of God? Because, they don’t want to be in bondage of darkness and dis-illumination. But you see, truth brings freedom and when one knows the truth, it brings freedom. True freedom is knowing the truth.
Now you will see that there is the craze by the more technologically advanced persons and scientifically knowledgeable to find the reasons why things exists and are the way they are. So, this knowledge is expected to bring power, remember, knowledge is power. So, men came to develop the big bang theory and it seemed to make life easier and almost explains everything in existence but GOD. This is because the big bang is an idea in the minds of creatures and all creatures are alike. Forget it that I am black and you are white, we are all creatures and have same red blood cells running in us.

So, the big bang makes life easy and and man is able to feel powerful because he is gaining some truths and knowledge. But when you know just enough truths to remain in error, then the truth you know questionable before men of reason. Permit me, when I say you, I mean man. You know how it has been, there is a class of men that go into religious works, they are either broke financially, called to do such work, or cannot measure up in technical science fields of academia and so, they become so religious. The challenge now become for them to provide answers to the technically advanced people. Now, such religious people find it hard to convince the most advanced people in knowledge that GOD exists. So, the more advanced and knowledgeable men are assumed to be more powerful. Really, knowledge brings power or as the cliche is used “knowledge is power”. So, reporting that God exists or not feels like power has come but in the real sense, God is an EXISTENCE beyond human reasoning capacity.

I have heard about an interesting man, knowledgeable scientist Professor Emeritus (name witheld), from a family line of religious parents. He has made valid comments about the existence or non existence of God. You see, knowing God is a personal journey to true self discovery. Your discovery of God and of his existence is different from mine.

I was told about a verse in the Bible where it was written that “” × This is what the LORD says:

“Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, nor the strong man in his strength, nor the wealthy man in his riches. ×But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD, who exercises loving devotion, justice and righteousness on the earth—for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 9:23.

The above paragraph reveals what is most important. Truly, men are trying to go into space and this is the longing of many who are scientifically advanced in knowledge. Drum roll, there is something in man (a spirit) that makes him desire this above, it is an inspiration. This spirit gives men the drive to seek higher powers, but even the men that want to go into space do not know that it is the spirit of the Almighty. Even the man Job of the Bible records this idea in Job 32:8. This inspiration makes man want to desire to get close to God. As I have said, technology keeps increasing this distance but there is the drive in all men to seek to go to God. But men never knew it that it is God’s inspiration in man that causes this desire to desire to thirst for higher knowledge and even space exploration. Remember the tower of Babel story in Genesis 11:9, men craved to get to Heaven. If you are yet to identify the most important thing to be known, see, previous paragraph.

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Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

Vahid, I totally disagree. Yes religions were created by man but in John 20:30-31
The Purpose of John’s Gospel
30 Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. 31 But these are written that you may believe[b] that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.
There are many pointers in the bible to the existence of God. As I mentioned in a previous post Genesis was to explain the formation of the world to those that not as enlightened as we are who believe in creation.
Believing in God is a personal thing and I am not here to push religious beliefs on to anyone. I believe in God.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Thank you Edward.
Yes, I understand and respect others’ beliefs and ideas.
These are all personal beliefs, and can be different from person to person.
But I always like to ask and know how other people think about these things.
At the end, we are all humans. I love and respect all humans. I have helped people my whole life, because I believe that I will have a better life when everybody in the world has a better life. So let’s make it possible for everybody 🙂
Thank you for being around Edward 🙂

Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Thank you Arisonace 🙂
As I have explained in my Big Bang post, Big Bang and even the whole Cosmology science has nothing to do with God. It is the religions who take the advantage of Big Bang to prove the existence of God which is something that they have never been able to prove during the past 3000 years. Still it is impossible to prove the God’s existence based on Big Bang too because Big Bang has nothing to do with God. It just shows how and when the universe was started 13.7 billion years ago, and nothing more than that.
The other thing is that it always makes me wondered that people talk about God, as if they are talking about a real person with a real identity and birth certificate, and they say God exists, but at the same time they say God is not imaginable, visible, audible, etc. If it is so, then how do they know that God exists??? If it is impossible to see, hear, small, feel, and… God, then how can they talk about him/her and how they know him/her???
The answer is the “God” that people talk about has been created by some other people who invented religions. They invented religions to control people and manage wealth and power. The “God” that people talk about has been described by religions’ inventors.

Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Vahid, different people make this world and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief and everyone needs to respect this.
This respect for peoples own ideas has been lacking in the last few weeks especially with the cancel culture all around the world.
I am really happy to be around and I am really happy to hopefully help others in this site where I can and if I am able to be of some assistance with anything than I would be happy to help. I don’t have much but I am an accountant and in Australia I am a small group trainer where I train adults.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hi Edward 🙂
Thank you again.
We really need you here. There are a lot of things we have already learned from you, and there are a lot more that we will learn.
The value of our community is because of the participation of people like you, not because of the programs’ codes and graphics.
It is easy to build a website. But it is not easy to establish a community of great people like you.
We do need you here. Please don’t stop supporting us.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

God exist and most important to know is that God exist.

Birembero4 answered 1 week ago

God exist ,he is the creator of heaven and earth .He has authority over man,those who believe will see light through Jesus Christ.God,s  creation prove its self,no man can explain how the first man came to this world, imagine a poor man living for 80 years and a rich person failing to make 40.This is God’s power.

Gareth White answered 1 week ago

God exists to those who want or need him to exist

jeankomaro answered 1 week ago

The existence of God has been discussing since several hundred years and we have never got the exact depends on our beliefs. But one thing I must know is that there a superpower man beyond the creation of the world and the world wasn’t created by itself

fdk191503 answered 1 week ago

Yes, I have an absolute belief that God does exist.

However, we cannot use the common thinking framework to understand God’s existence. Usually, we need concrete evidence to prove the existence of things. Suppose we do not have satisfactory evidence that appeals to our senses (mind and logic included). In that case, we dismiss or question the existence of those things.

How can we prove the existence of things that we have never known? Through belief. That is why I believe that God exists. Even if, in my whole life, I could not finally prove His existence, I still believe that He existed. If it is not in this life, then it is in the afterlife. But the point is, I just have to be firm on my belief.

It is just like you are trying to make money online for the first time. Can you make money online? Of course, you cannot prove that you can. But you believe that you can. You exert effort and energy to create evidence for your belief, i.e., finally making money. Even if you failed on the first try, you keep trying, and trying, and you keep trying until you succeed.

In the case of God, you just need to keep believing. Until God reveals Himself to you.

Of course, many said that it doesn’t make sense. But, it is a belief. It doesn’t have to make sense.

David Matlala answered 6 days ago

God is everything and everything is God. You and your surroundings are proof that God exist. What you see and perceive does not mean what you can’t see doesn’t exist. So, just because you can’t see God, you can’t solve a mathematical equation with God as the unknown, or produce evidence in a laboratory experiment, you conclude that God does not exist. 
God is infinite. Man with his limited capacity, cannot comprehend the vastness of space or the very essence of life itself. What happens when you lose all your five senses? Do you cease to exist? Or do you become a zombie? The senses are just your brain’s interpretation of your surroundings. The real you still remains. You’ll realize the existence of God at the point of departure to the other side. 

jeankomaro answered 6 days ago

Yes I absolutely believe that God really exist and the most important thing to be known is that the universe hasn’t been created by itself. Someone Powerful is behind of his creation.

jeankomaro answered 1 day ago

As a Christian I believe that God exist. He or she is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscience.

Jackson Mugarura answered 1 day ago

God is omnipotent and omnipresent, meaning he is everywhere. He is not a human being like us. He can order anything to be done here in the universe. Religion being started by human beings was an instruction of God. Remember, God can pass through anyone to do his work.

Gareth White answered 1 day ago

I’m afraid God is not something I believe in but I am more than happy for people who do believe in God and think its great that they get the reassurance from doing so.

kenndy4reality answered 1 day ago

God really exist. 

kenndy4reality answered 12 hours ago

God exist.Take for example motor, did motor form on it own, absolutely not someone invented it, likewise when you look at the earth, the wonders of the earth will tell you that someone made those things available . 

Gareth White answered 11 hours ago

That’s great to hear kenndy4reality and I have no problem with your belief. For me there is no tangible proof of gods existence so in essence I guess I’m a non believer

Jonathan answered 10 hours ago

God exists. The existence of God can be seen through the existence of man. Do we not think that without a creator nothing exists. You wear your shoes there must be a maker. The smartphone you are holding also has a maker. Your house has a builder as well as everything around us. Without God who created the heavens and the earth, man and the universe would not have existed. Short story short and very clear is that Almighty God exists.

Vicaris answered 9 hours ago

Emphatically, God exists whether you believe or not. It is your choice to make but I would advise you to make the better choice

jeankomaro answered 4 hours ago

Most religious teach that there is superpower man(God) who created the whole universe. I my thinking God really exist. The world did not create by itself.

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