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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHave Religions Really Been Sent by a Superior Power (aka God), or They Are Invented by Humans?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 1 week ago

Have Religions Really Been Sent by a Superior Power (aka God), or They Are Invented by Humans?

They say religions are sent to us by a superior power or identity which is also known as God. Some others say that religions haven’t been sent by any superior power, but they have been invented by crooks just to control people, money and power. What do you think?

Myriam Pierre replied 1 week ago

I have a belief in the Higher Power. I must say I agree with those who state that most religions are there to control people. People should ask themselves why listen to human beings at the pulpit who tell you that it is wrong to build wealth but are enjoying it off the backs of those suffering souls.

Jonathan replied 1 week ago

Religion is created by human. By the way Christian is not a religion as the word ‘christian ‘ was only used by the people to identify or to mock the disciples of Christ.

However every religion has their supernatural power based on their faith on what they believed.

Deesua replied 1 week ago

What religion turned to be in our present world , was not what it was meant to be.
Religious people turned to be believers. They just believe what they don’t know anything about and by so doing religion has caused so much pain, hunger, corruption and deaths everywhere in the world.
Religion has turned to an identity and that makes it dangerous.
I am an advocate for responsibility rather being religious.
Let’s put away religion and embrace responsibility so that we all can leave the planet Earth in better shape and form than we met it for generations to come.

Ralph replied 1 week ago

I belief there is God truly,
As far as there is spiritual life (this is deep) so the existence of spiritual realm is a clue…. I don’t know maybe I am communicating.

Hillary replied 6 days ago

True religion is the one which cares for the orphans and the widow. It assist the poor of this society to come out of their economic quagmire. Human was supposed to have one religion, but due to love of self and many, he sort to create his own religion to fulfill is status quo. Therefore being religious is Godly but religions is man creation.

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Yasmin answered 4 days ago

Religions created by human to control societies back then.
Witches and mediums were running the societies before religions invented.
They’ve lost their power when people got smarter and started asking questions about who created this universe and they didn’t have any answers for them.
Then they became smarter and invented the GOD who created this universe and started to change their titles to prophet with new rules in the name of the GOD and you know the rest…

chin jung chen answered 1 week ago

According to my understanding , God is not equal to religion. God is self-existing but religion was made by men,if there isn’t  GOD among them , religion is empty.
Bible Exodus
3:14 And God said to Moses, 1aI AM WHO I AM. And He said, Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, bI AM has sent me to you.
Footnote :
Or, I will be who I will be; or, I will become who I will become. The divine title I AM denotes that God is the One who is self-existing and ever-existing and who depends on nothing apart from Himself (cf. John 8:24, 28, 58 and note John 8:241b). As the I Am, He is the all-inclusive One, the reality of every positive thing and of whatever His called and sent ones need.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 week ago

1. Could you please answer the question: Have religions really been sent by a superior power (aka God), or they are invented by humans?

2. You say “God is not equal to religion. God is self-existing…”
Can you prove the extience of this God that you are talking about?
How do you know that he/she/it exists?
Who has introduced him to you?
What evidences do you have to represent as the proof of his extience?

Thank you 🙂

selvam replied 7 days ago

Birth and Death are not entirely in our hands, Constantly changing human thinking cannot be controlled to some extent. Nature’s call can’t be advocated by humans. Worst is we can’t control our Body’s functioning. We can’t stop our breathe for a long time.
Human being is a wonderful creation. Idea behind the creation of differences in human creation nobody knows.
All these factors are just a drop of water in an ocean. In Idol worship humans create their own Gods. Faith in God helps people to be reasonable and not greedy.

Whether religion are really been sent by God? Answer is No. God create humans with superior brains than animals and other creatures, in order to enable humans to live happily during their lifetime. Religions are created by Gods followers.
Children never bother about religion in school. When they grow up, the society surrounding them thrust the idea of following their customs including religion. Most of the religions don’t allow their followers to follow the customs of other religions. Think about a practice wherein all the gods are kept at one place of worship and everyone goes to that place for worship everyday and live with tolerance and harmony. Marriage customs of different religions are widely acceptable in society. A hindu can follow the customs of Muslim, a muslim can follow the customs of christain. If all the Gods are considered as one, we will stop fighting based on religion.

gwhite2203 answered 1 week ago

I believe definitely invented by humans. People are always looking for something to believe in, something to aspire to. They look to people who have greater knowledge, self belief or big ego’s. Some of these have a positive effect and some negative. Some people are natural leaders and some are just sheep and follow the crowd. As soon as you get enough people believing in something and spreading the word it becomes bigger and bigger! For example if you showed someone 50 winning trades using MACD and presented it in a way where it looked as if it had no floors people would belief it is the holy grail of indicators. Its not until people eventually start apply it that it is disproved. The thing with religion is it is just a belief and for example  what it centres around eg God you cant prove it does or doesn’t exist so it nullifies itself. Some will chose to believe and some wont.

steve answered 1 week ago

I Believe there is a higher power that brought everything into existence, however  religion is a means to control people and manipulate them.
Someone said that religion is the opium of the poor

KEZOLA answered 1 week ago

nice question…i have always debated on that..but my point of view is that they is always a force that causes something to happen..take  a look at a building…it was designed ,there wer archictects,civil engineers etc..till the building was erected..
take a look at a human being,,there are nose,feet,stomach etc..there was a force behin the design..just food for thought,,i believe GOD is present 

Vicaris answered 6 days ago

I think the word ‘religion’ was coined by human, dating back to the era of prophets, there was nothing like Christianity, Islam or any other form of religion we have nowadays. Some people lived good lives, believed and worshipped God unknowingly.
The bottom line is your relationship with God. Is it good or bad?

Emmanuel Enya answered 6 days ago

I honestly believe there is or there are supreme power that governs the affairs of this world. 

Edward Duffy answered 5 days ago

I have a very biased view as I am Catholic and yes I believe that our faith was formed by God through Peter the apostle as he was the first Pope. Catholics and other Christian faiths believe in the Holy Trinity and that God is the driving force behind our religion. A number of Christian religions have been offshoots from Catholicism.

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