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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions😈Have You Ever Seen a Ghost or Devil?
Muda Markus Dolopoto asked 3 weeks ago

😈Have You Ever Seen a Ghost or Devil?

There are many scary stories that we usually hear from childhood. Many people told that they had seen a ghost like a devil with a very frightening form. I myself was between believing and not believing, because I had never seen it. Have you ever seen it? How are your experience?

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3 Answers
Jackson Mugarura answered 3 weeks ago

I don’t know because I don’t how a devil or ghost looks like.

Jackson Mugarura replied 3 weeks ago

Do not know how it looks like.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 weeks ago

I have never experienced such situation in my Real live, but i had dreamed about evils person in the past. It was really a bad scenario and horrible.

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Shane Collins answered 1 day ago

I was actually a bit scared to answer this seeing as many people do not believe in the paranormal however I can say I have witnessed a few unexplainable events that changed my perception about the existence of ghosts. I had just turned eighteen and a few friends and I wondered trough an abandoned hospital in Kempton Park and truth be told we did witness what we came for the whole group saw what I saw so I know I am not crazy. Again being young and stupid the hole group decided to play glassy, glassy and what a horrible experience and I would not advise anyone to try that and again the group and I witnessed the same things so I have no doubt that what we saw actually really happened. One of the members in the group got hurt and still has a hand impression on their back till this very day. So I think the paranormal is real I mean I have witnessed it. Yes being young and dumb may have caused it but I know what I saw.

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