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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Can One Benefit From Digital Marketing?
Nnaemeka Victor asked 1 month ago

How Can One Benefit From Digital Marketing?

9 Answers
Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 1 month ago

The short answer is you can make money with it 🙂
The simplest form of digital marketing that you can follow is to share your LuckScout Club referral link on social media sites like Facebook and invite people to join the club to make money.
Do you know where to find your LuckScout Club referral link?

Vicaris replied 1 month ago

Thanks for your good response

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Digital marketing is one of the simplest marketing.
You can do it right from your home.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 weeks ago

Digital marketing can help  in promoting and selling of a product or a service, through social media, search marketing and email marketing. This helps to reduce costs related to advertising on television or radio. You can attract many customers, it’s quick, it reduces bureaucracy and other many roles played by online marketing.

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

I think Digital Marketing has two primary advantages.

First, it can reach a vast audience. There is no limit to the coverage of digital marketing. You can be from a small city in Vanuatu’s country, selling your product to customers from Paris or New York.

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Second, it can accurately find and target the most suitable consumer for your product. After it can reach a vast audience, Digital Marketing also can target accurately the potential consumer that will benefit most from your product.

In essence, Digital Marketing removes the limitations of traditional marketing and, at the same time, enhances its advantages.

Gareth White answered 2 weeks ago

Digital marketing has been revolutionary to the world and my life especially. Once I started understanding how it works (thanks to Luckscout) it has really opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. I really want to expand more knowledge on the subject and see where I can take it.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

Digital marketing is a real opportunity for the New generation. You can make lot of money from home selling products to your customers far from your place.

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

I want to learn more about how to do digital marketing as my wife signed up to a brand of health and beauty products and I can see lots of potential but at present this is being wasted as I am not sure of the best way to market this stuff online.
I am sure that being part of this group will assist.

Jackson Mugarura answered 1 week ago

I may call digital marketing,  the same as online marketing. With it, you can reach a very wide market, in fact, you can tap into global market and make lots of money.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 days ago

Your answers so far are fabulous. Through digital marketing one’s products can get to a wider range of customers. 

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