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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Can Someone Make Income Through Social Media?
jeankomaro asked 6 days ago

How Can Someone Make Income Through Social Media?

4 Answers
fdk191503 answered 5 days ago

There are many methods one can use to make money through social media. But it takes creativity, hard work, accuracy in planning and executing marketing strategy, and so on. I think the Luckscout Club is the most accessible place for making money online. You need to understand the rules of the club here and perform many steps to earn points here. After you have established a strong and reliable income source, the Luckscout Club even teaches you how to increase that income by making a proper investment.

Edward Duffy answered 5 days ago

I have heard that you create a group and then build a following and with that following you solve the peoples problems by writing articles and posting. Then once you have their confidence you are able to sell to them subtly.
There are other ways such as purchasing advertising but this is expensive.
We will have to wait for Vahid to comment.

Birembero4 answered 5 days ago

You can make income through social media by promoting and selling products on it.
Advertisers can also pay for the space on social media,
If you are good  in computer information technology ,you make a lot of money by developing new softwares for social media.
You can also promote on social media and earn points which will be turned  into money when you recruit  new people to use products and services . 

Vicaris answered 5 days ago

Edward is right, income could be made through creation of groups in Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, etc and having many followers and gradually, you declare your true intent by advertising your products or services and before you know it, the money starts flowing.

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