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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Do Great Men Self-Improve? What Is the Blueprint to Becoming Great in Life?
Arisonace asked 4 weeks ago

How Do Great Men Self-Improve? What Is the Blueprint to Becoming Great in Life?

The LuckScout website has valuable articles with the potential to solving several problems that may be difficult to solve during the limited lifespan of man. Many books have been written and the internet is full of things, I mean great information. Sometimes, it is worth it to pay for these information. A wise man once said, “get wisdom and don’t sell it”, meaning, wisdom is not cheap. That’s why we pay a lot to go to school, attend workshops and seminars. The webinars strategy is becoming a wild market on the internet today.

Socrates, the great philosopher has clearly revealed the secret to the greatness we all desire. He revealed that to enjoy that aha moment in life, that is to win in life, all men should employ their time in improving themselves by searching out other men’s writings, it is by this that we shall all be able to gain easily what others have labored hard for.

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The LuckScout website is a fantastic source.

Arisonace replied 4 weeks ago

Life is of utmost relevance. I agree and a man must decide on actionable steps to to take.

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Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

A lot of people that I have listened to that are “successful” have a mentor. They are also doers and they take measured risks and some of them have made mistakes and they have bounced back from their mistakes and they have made it.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Determination is one of the blue print to become great in the world.

kenndy4reality answered 2 weeks ago

Discipline is the blue print to greater life . 

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

Yes, the wise men in the generation before ours have inherited their pearl of wisdoms. And they come in many different forms, in Book, story, quote, and some others are in the form of a movie, song, and poetry. But I found book to be the most valuable of all. Books that are currently on public domain are deserved to be read by those who aspire to be a great person. Books like “The Greatest Salesman in The World”, “The Law of Success”, “The Science of Getting Rich, Being Well, and Being Great” are several examples of greatest gift from our previous generation to us. These books is worth reading. Repeat the reading of this book until the value in it deeply internalized in our mind. If we believe that, in our deepest heart, that we will be a great man, than these book will reveal to us their greatest value. These books will simply resonate with our soul.

Gareth White answered 1 week ago

Discipline and constantly evolving – learning new things every single day. Self development

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 week ago

Self education, discipline and determination are the blue print to become greater in your life. Learning news thing, asking for advice etc…

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 day ago

Everyone has the potential to become great, but actually acting on that potential is no easy task. Raw talent isn’t enough, wheth you do or don’t have it, you will need to plan out each step and put in plenty of Hard work if you want to get really great at anything in life. No nothing is for sure, unfortunately. They say only death and taxies are certainties in life, but there is Hope. If you becomes great ,work hard for it. En then evaluate it if you’re reached your gaols, if yes be happy, if no, keep working,So as long as you don’t give up, greatness is for sure.

Jackson Mugarura answered 19 hours ago

I think, there’s no specific fomula that one has to follow to improve him/ herself. I suggest that, it’s a combination of courage, hard and smart working, and even luck, that one can move into a great position in life, become successful in life. While we some people who just wait for what life throws at them, we have others who have wrestled with to achieve what they want and think is theirs.

Birembero4 answered 14 hours ago

Great men self improve through having smart objectives and being consistent in achieving the objectives.In case of mistakes, they become learning opportunities and are fearless in whatever they meet on the way .

Gareth White answered 13 hours ago

The key is keep on challenging themselves, never give up, try new things, make themselves feel uncomfortable and then push forward until you know everything.

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