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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Do You Like the American Health System?
6 Answers
David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act introduced in 2010, provided affordable health insurance to many Americans. It covered more people in the lower income groups and prevented companies from restricting care or driving costs up.
It was to help all Americans have higher quality and less costly healthcare in decades to come.
Pre-existing conditions which were previously denied could now be covered.
More screenings were covered in the hope that being proactive helps to avoid and delay major health problems later.
The major problems with Obamacare was the increase in taxes and health insurance premiums. It got stiff opposition from Donald Trump and as a result it is undergoing reforms to deal with areas people are unhappy with.
According to the latest health care ratings, Canada has the best healthcare in the world, followed by Denmark and Sweden
The US is ranked 15th.

Steinar Kloverod replied 2 weeks ago

Hi David,
Thank you very much for your answer. I have heard so much about Obamacare, but was not fully aware of it. Your explanation made me wiser.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 2 weeks ago

I don’t like Obamacare because it made Americans lazy, virtually almost everything is done for the citizens of America while they suppose to be working to contribute to the growth of American economy. I like the idea for everyone to have health insurance policy.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 weeks ago

I think America has one of the best health systems in the world. With exception of the current challenges posed by Covid19, I’d say that US has one of the best and well financed health systems.

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Gareth White answered 16 hours ago

I like the whole concept of having to pay for health care insurance. In the UK we have the NHS which is available to anyone and everyone in the UK. The downside is that people take advantage of it and overload the system and then when you have pandemics it causes a huge strain.

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Edward Duffy answered 7 hours ago

In Australia we have a hybrid system where some medical expenses are covered my Medicare and others such as dental are only covered by health insurance. Whenever there is a government run service taxes will increase and yet people do not understand this simple philosophy. It is basic economics

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 4 hours ago

Having a health insurance policy is a good is a good way to citizens of the country healthy. Who pay the insurance company? Is it citizens of America or the government?

Steinar Kloverod replied 3 hours ago

Hi Kenneth,

I America people neeed to have an expensive health insurance to get paid for a good health treatment. The Obamacare Act was meant to give affordable health insurance to the Americans. In Norway it is the government that pays for health treatment. The inhabitants pays only a small sum of money for some treatments. It is also people in Norway that sign up for personal health treatments to get the best treatment the market offer.

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