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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Long Are We Going to Wait for Corona Virus Medical Trial Vaccines?
Eli Davis Keinamura asked 3 weeks ago

How Long Are We Going to Wait for Corona Virus Medical Trial Vaccines?

James0608 replied 3 weeks ago

Even the vaccine is ready , it will take take years for all can get the vaccines . To produce millions of vaccines will take time after getting proper approval .

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Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Mike Pence said the vaccine will be ready to use for the public by the end of 2020.
Scientists say it takes longer…

Myriam Pierre replied 3 weeks ago

It certainly does.I know throughout this crazed election period here that has been an issue that they refuse to accept. Anyone knows that a vaccine has to go through research. And it is true. There is no way this vaccine will be here anytime soon.I truly been wish that something would be done.All we could do is wait and keep protecting ourselves and those we care about from it.

Gareth White answered 3 weeks ago

The trial vaccines are already made, its a case of getting them through all the red tape so they can be administered and tested. Even though there are people willing to test them out for the good of the world they still have to go through all the safeguarding

Yasmin answered 3 weeks ago

I’ve heard that the trial vaccines have serious side effects, and they should re-evaluate the formula.  

Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

There is not a lot of point to having a vaccine that will do more harm than good. Yes I heard the vaccine being developed in the UK had to go back because there was problem with it.
Our government is not as bullish as Mr Trump and Mr Pence and they are saying sometime 2021.

Babayanju Abike answered 3 weeks ago

I heard that the vaccine will be out by ending of 2020.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

I think it would take more time because the trial vaccines has some side effects. Hopefully, an effective trial vaccines would be released by the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021

David Matlala answered 3 weeks ago

According to the latest WHO ŕeport released at the end of September 2020, a vaccine will be ready in 12 to 18 month’s time.


Keines replied 3 weeks ago

It’s very far,it will have killed many people,

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 3 weeks ago

Corona virus vaccine is out ,but,is not out to the public  because is having severe side effects.
Scientists are currently working to curb the side effects before is made available to public. 

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Soon, the scientists will come up with the solution for the virus.  

Leno Jean Pierre answered 6 days ago

I will take more than 3 years to have an effective vaccine accessible by everybody around the world .i heard that the vaccine will be available at the end of 2021 ; True or false I don’t know,even if it were True, will it be accessible by everyone ?

Jackson Mugarura answered 6 days ago

Hi James, I think as we write this, vaccine trials all over the world are in advanced stages. It may not take too long to get a reliable vaccine. My only fear is that, politics may delay the vaccine from reaching all parts of the world in time. This is because some powerful leaders will favor some sections of the world than others.

Edward Duffy answered 6 days ago

I heard tonight that the UK is pushing ahead with their trial even though one of the subjects died who supposedly was given a placebo.
Who knows how long the process will take and then each country will need to have it approved by each of their own bureaucracies.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 3 days ago

They are so many Corona vaccine today. I think WHO is playing game with the pandemic . Come to Africa, herbal medicine will cure COVID-19. 

Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 days ago

There are already some vaccine made by scientists, but are they efficient to cure covi19.let’s be patient for a while to have a good vaccine.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 3 days ago

Herbal medicine cannot work, Africa has been helped by just two factors ,it’s rural based population and it’s tropical climate,

Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 days ago

The trial vaccines are already out. The release of reliable vaccines are closer than we thought. I believe the curable vaccines would be out sooner than later.

Jackson Mugarura answered 2 days ago

I saw it somewhere in the news, that by December this year, the vaccine may be available for use. This is good news.

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 days ago

Since the discussion is still going, I think this page from the New York Times provides a comprehensive overview on the corona virus vaccine development.
Currently, only six vaccine gaining approval for a limited use, mostly in China and Russia, such as Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Bektop.
The vaccine from Moderna, Biontech-Pfizer-Fosun Pharma, and Novavax are in the third stage of development.

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