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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHow Many of You Scalp the Daily Chart in Forex Market?
Eric asked 1 week ago

How Many of You Scalp the Daily Chart in Forex Market?

Any active Forex traders who scalp from the Daily Charts using EOD strategy? How is it working for you and are you getting consistent profitability? Pros/Cons? Strategy?

10 Answers
Vicaris answered 1 week ago

Scalping on daily chart could be very stressful. I have not tried it and will not try it

Edward Duffy answered 1 week ago

I would rather master the daily timeframe before I even look at scalping. I also have a job at present and don’t have the time to devote to it.

kenndy4reality answered 6 days ago

I have used scalping before, it does not work. 

Birembero4 answered 6 days ago

Even before I saw luckscout,I never used to scalp.scalp is just no have to muster candlestick and bollingger will flow to your bank aCcount .

gwhite2203 answered 6 days ago

Eric – by EOD do you mean End of Day? Taking the closing price and then setting a TP & SL in both directions or closing candle trend ? Need a bit more explanation of the strategy you are asking about

Nolo answered 2 days ago

I’ve never used scalping… and I understand it is a difficult and tedious job.

jeankomaro answered 1 day ago

Scalping is very stressful and must have time to stay on your computer To analyse the market. You must also master lot of things (Market sychology ; Support and resistance levels, trends, price action etc…
I trade daily and weekly time frame.

jeankomaro answered 5 hours ago

I don’t scalp for now, it requires more time on your computer or phone and best good understanding of the must have lot of experience identify strong pattern on time. I prefer higher time like daily, monthly etc…

kenndy4reality answered 4 hours ago

Scalping is gambling in forex. It is not trading neither investment . 

gwhite2203 answered 2 hours ago

Scalping does have its place but it is a real skill. You have to have the right mindset and practise practise practise. I have a friend who consistently makes great returns every single day but I cannot seem to replicate his strategy.

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