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Shane Collins asked 3 weeks ago

How SEO Marketing Can Help Us Here on LuckScout

I have previously discussed how Google analytics can help us on LuckScout to get more target specific topics that we can discuss and or write about.  I have however continued to look into the matter. LuckScout is a really great and innovative site providing the opportunity to make money from them by submitting quality posts. Google organic traffic also plays a big part of the LuckScout system and I have been trying to figure out how this entire thing works.

In order to generate Google organic traffic it is best to keep up with user search trends to understand search behavior and it also makes it easier to find topics to write about when we know what information people are looking for.

However in furthering my search for how we can generate more traffic to the LuckScout site I have found out about SEO marketing.
SEO marketing does sound a lot easier than what I previously tried to explain and is basically a form of marketing that focusses on visibility of your website without paying search engines but instead the traffic is generated organically.

Artificial intelligence based SEO-tools can and will assist in increasing rankings of a website leading to more traffic to the actual website and increases awareness of the website in search engines.
SEO marketing is not only based on promoting a website but also contributes and or enhances users’ experiences.

To make any website SEO friendly we need to pay more attention to finding the correct keywords that will for sure create and or generate more targeted traffic to the website.

To gain traffic all websites need SEO. Most traffic comes from Google, Yahoo and or Bing yes there are many more forms but the above mentioned ones are most important. People go to the above search engines and type in their queries and related web pages pop up underneath the search engine results.

SEO can be viewed as the link between search engines and the website. Competition from other sites is for sure increasing and lots of sites have and or are focused on a single related topic. SEO techniques make it possible for marketers to attract traffic and rank the website high in search engine results.

The good news is that anybody can make use of SEO if you have obtained enough information regarding the subject. All that you actually have to do is invest some time and effort in understanding the trends of SEO and the way you can use it to optimize the information to promote your own site. Knowing the right keywords is key to success.

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It is best to start the learning process as followed:

  • Learn all about the basics of SEO which I have explained above and the things that can improve traffic conditions on the website.
  • Learn about page- and domain authority to help you predict the search rankings of websites.
  • Start adding titles and meta descriptions with the correct keywords within.
  • The adoption of the content marketing strategy is also advisable. This will help with optimizing targeted keywords and or topics that will direct traffic to the site.
  • Keyword research is for sure in my opinion a great option to help you with optimization and with the understanding of short-head keyword and long-tailed keywords I am sure finding relevant topics should be easier.
  • Also please try and remember to be patient organic rankings generally take longer to show results.

I have also found out about a few need to knows which I would love to share with you:

  • Domain authority- This is the reliability of a website that is achieved due to different factors for example: Backlinks.
  • Keywords- This is most crucial. The correct keywords will help with the correct content and the right keywords can be achieved by researching them or by the use of some amazing SEO tools.
  • Relevancy- The thing is search engines can make out the type of content and can find copied contents with ease so it’s best to come up with fresh, new and creative content it has to be original. Select a niche you want to discuss and remake it in fact make a new niche with original content based on the selected niche. This will improve the websites rankings and visibility.
  • URL structure- Who would of guessed but search engines prefer less complicated URL structures. Use keywords to create a short but descriptive nature for users to find and understand with ease.
  • Content length- Higher word counts make the content more appealing to search engines the more information the better.

I really hope that this has helped in some way. The thing is we need to promote the content that we have on LuckScout and the only real and logical way of doing so would be to generate Google organic traffic and by writing this I really hope I can help other members understand how we can get more targeted topics that will help in the long run generate google organic traffic.
In my search of how we can get more traffic I also stumbled upon a few SEO tools that I now myself also currently make use of and they are all free tools to help with SEO marketing and finding targeted keywords let me list them for you below:

  • Answer the public
  • CanIRank
  • Seed keywords
  • Exploding topics

I know there are many more forms of SEO tools but the above listed few are the ones that I make use of. I really hope this helps hundreds more members it for sure helped me tons.

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2 Answers
Steinar Kloverod answered 3 weeks ago

I have read your article Shane.  Very interesting.  You write how important it is that we use keywords in our articles, questions and stories that attracts other people searching for answers on a special topic or subject.  Vahid have said the same in his articles about topics that people google for.  I have tried to do the same in my stories about Epic Trading, but I have much to learn.

Shane Collins replied 3 weeks ago

Mr. Steinar I myself still have loads to learn however I think we can support each other in this journey. Here on LuckScout competition means something different and we as members need to work better together to help this site grow. The content we post must have some sort of value to search engines to help generate Google organic traffic and I feel the only way is to produce quality content that people care about and search for just like Mr., Vahid said. I wish to put an further emphasis on this.
The first thing we need to do is understand users search behavior and we can do that by finding out what people search for and the easiest way to do that is to look at Google search engine statistics and with the help of SEO tools to find the keywords and topics people want to hear about which will help us with the topics to write about. Focusing on these topics means they are already searched for meaning that it has search engine value therefor more people will get to see the content that we post here on LuckScout which at the same time generates organic traffic to this site.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 3 weeks ago

Hi, Shane.
It is a great post and an important topic, especially for those who wish to increase their income through Luckscout Club.
In general, the luckscout club is in the online business niche. I think this niche has a large audience, and most of them are looking for a system that truly makes money. As you know, there are millions of website on the internet claiming to be the best platform to make money online. But none of them can facilitate its member to earn a considerable amount of money from the first month they join. We are also incentivised to do quality works here not only clicking ads, completing a survey, offers, etc.
Moreover, the Luckscout Club has a great program and campaign, especially the Become A Millionaire campaign. In this campaign, we are working together to grow our network and join the best forex education platform, EPIC trading.

Shane Collins replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much Mr.Ahmed I am also very confidant with Epic trading and I am so glad for the opportunity made possible trough LuckScout. The LuckScout club for certain has a large audience. The quality of our post are indeed important however looking into what information people are looking for helps us create better post and improves the quality of the writing as well as the content produced which most certainly will attract more traffic.

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