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adharad asked 2 months ago

💰How to Earn Money Online at in One Month

People often think how to easily get money online without expertise, especially in the current pandemic conditions. That thought is inside me too. Realizing, I tried to find and discuss with friends who are also members of this club about how to easily earn money online. He introduced me to this club. I have been with the club since mid-December 2020. is a platform to make easy money. To achieve these goals, they provide programs and services such as:

  1. Make money by reading
  2. Make money by writing articles
  3. Make money by selling eBooks
  4. Make money by selling products
  5. Get paid to play games

But my favorites are making money reading and getting paid to play games.

The question is, how can they provide money with these programs and services? team gives you points for every activity you do on this website. These points determine the amount of money you will receive each month. A simple example is the points I earned in December of 611,066, these points will be valued in the amount of $ 167.54. But in their system, points have no value for money. Points are only for recording member activities so the amount of money earned does not always follow the number of points earned in the following month, the amount of money can be more or less.

How do I collect these points?

The simple and surefire services and programs you can do:

Make money reading

In this service, you only need to read articles that have been published and can read stories or questions from members. You can even provide comments, ask questions and stories in the service. Each of your activities on this service will earn you points and of course it is useful for collecting points simply. It is important to note that you must provide quality comments, questions and stories in this service.

The rest you can learn about in the following link:

Get paid to play games

Why not make money playing games?

That’s a good question to ask at this club, you can earn money playing games. How to?

You only need to play some of the games given in this club, winning each game will add to your points. Even when the team holds a tournament, big points and extra cash will be awarded. Its very great. The question is what games can you play?

You can access it at the following link:

Finally, if you really want to earn money online easily, then you should join the club. There are many websites where you can make money online, but I think is the best website to get there.

Apart from that, you will also be introduced to EPIC Trading which is one of the best trades. You can be a millionaire and learn forex at the same time and make money.

You can access this to see how to become a millionaire with EPIC Trading:

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16 Answers
The LuckScout Team Staff answered 2 months ago

Thank you Adharad.
You won your 100,000 points for this post.
Just a question:
Why don’t you join Epic? You are missing the positions in our team. Sign up today and receive $50 through PayPal and $50 through your Epic account.

adharad replied 2 months ago

Wow great, Team.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
I am still thinking about joining EPIC due to the money I currently have.
But I am interested in joining one day.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 months ago

You should join as soon as possible to have a higher ranking in our team and list. This makes a big difference.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 2 months ago

That is a great story to share, Ad. And congratulation on writing this quality post. Let us tell more words about the effectiveness of Luckscout as the platform to make money online. Keep sharing the positive experience, Ad.

adharad replied 2 months ago

Hi, Ahmad.
I try to write other positive and quality articles in this club.
I hope my article will be of use to everyone.
I am happy that my article has received appreciation from the team

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

This Story is really encouraging. Keep it up mr Adhara your hard working will payed you off. I’m happy that you got 100000point as reward for your determination and motivation.

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adharad answered 2 months ago

Hi, Mr Leno.
Thank you for your comment.
My article is based on the experiences that I have experienced, of course it must be experienced by all members in this club.
I will continue to write articles that can be useful and quality.
I hope you can do it too, Mr. Leno

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

Not sure, I’m don’t have good English, and it is difficult to do it on phone too.

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Gareth White answered 2 months ago

Great article adharad, emphasises the simplicity of Luckscout and how fantastic the opportunity is. Definitely worth you joining the Epic adventure with us – its going to be amazing!!

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Myriam Pierre answered 2 months ago

I am also struggling. I do intend to start paying the monthly fee and to join Epic asap myself.I see that happening before April.Luck scout is like a Christmas present you are happy you got.When I do log in I look forward to the questions and stories section.I also plan to make more time to read the articles.Luck Scout is great.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

Great, persistence and hard working are my strength, I’m sure things will work out perfectly one day

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

Ad, great article from critical thinking, keep it up friend. 🙏

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

I was well explained, the luckScout club is one of the best opportunity in 2021

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Yes, you’re right, we have been making money in this Business since October. I’m are lucky to find such opportunity online.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Answer questions and Play games. You will collect more points by the end of the month. These points Will allow you to earn residual income every month.

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adharad answered 1 month ago

Right, Mr. Leno.
In addition, we can write quality articles and stories to add points, write quality articles that can be read by many people because they are very interesting

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Very simple, be active and collect more points every day then pay your monthly fees and the end of the month you will get paid according to the points you have collected.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 1 month ago

To earn points and money with LuckScout you have to write articles and stories, ask and answer questions and play games. You can also earn points by reading articles and browse the LuckScout site and the content on their site.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 4 weeks ago

Hi, Ad.
The January report shows that you earn a higher reward than the previous month. I think you should elaborate on that achievement in your story, and tell us how you can achieve them in the second month of joining this community.
Your story and your continued presence in this community really make the difference.

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