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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions👨‍💼👨🏻‍💼👨🏼‍⚕️🧔🏼 How Young Is Too Young to Be a President or High Political Leaders?
Ahmad Khasan asked 2 months ago

👨‍💼👨🏻‍💼👨🏼‍⚕️🧔🏼 How Young Is Too Young to Be a President or High Political Leaders?

Presidential position and any other high political posts are crucial for the stability and security of a nation. Thus, only those who are capable, politically smart, and deeply wise are eligible for those high positions.

But, recently we saw a trend where a younger candidate is preferred over the older one. The reason for this is that young people are energic and is adaptive to changes. But, sometimes, age is a primary determinant of personal wisdom and maturity.

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In your opinion, how young is too young for these high political posts? The point is that we do not elect a too young person who is not wise enough to run public affairs.

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7 Answers
Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

Here in my country Uganda,Β  our constitution used to have age limit set at 35 years minimum and 75 as maximum, but the same president who facilitated the promulgation of this constitution, turned against it when he clocked 74 years. Now anyone can run for president.😉 It’s strange but true.😂

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 2 months ago

I think any body who is old enough to vote for a leader, is equally old enough to be voted for.

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Edward Duffy answered 2 months ago

I tend to agree Kenneth but they need to be an extremely mature in mind type of person and have the capacity to listen to the concerns of their constituents and be able to make good decisions for the good of their country. I do prescribe to the point that they should be good politicians instead they should be good people and be genuine.

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Gareth White answered 2 months ago

In a free and fair society anyone over the voting age should be able to run to become president or a political leader. It should be up to the voters to decide if they have the experience and knowledge to do the job.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 months ago

As long as one had people’s mandate,I have no problem with age.But here in Africa counting of votes is the most difficult task. We do not know how to count.Β  In Kenya the chairman of electoral body was asked who won the elections,he said I do not know.In Uganda 2016 results,one journalist asked the chairman of elections ,that were are you getting the results being announced,he said ,he doesn’t know where it was coming from.see howΒ  fake African elections is.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

Eli,Β Africa’s problem is far beyond any human understanding. Yes you know about it😉

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David Matlala answered 2 months ago

Most of the countries of the world have the minimum age requirement for a president as 30 years. Another popular requirement is age 40.
At this age a person is seen to be mature enough to take the responsibilities of running a country.
No maximum age restrictions is the norm in most countries, as long as the president is still capable of performing his or her duties satisfactorily.

David Matlala replied 2 months ago

Minimum 35 years, not 30 years.

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