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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsIf You Could Start Your Life From Scratch What Would You Do?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 3 months ago

Just imagine that you come to this world again, while you know everything you currently know and have learned so far.
What would you do then?
What would you want to become?

Emmadiego replied 1 month ago

I will always want to become an independent being.
Mostly being a business man and being very successful

Myriam Pierre replied 1 month ago

I would like to be like Barbara Corcoran.

Atoyegbe Dauda Adewale replied 1 month ago

Nothing to be change, except will like to be born in a developed country

ranjan gupta replied 1 month ago

My aim is to always help the other people . I wish for success for everyone, ,peace of mind , positive attitude,healthy mind,try to be yourself and you are just a traveler in this universe .

Hillary Ogana replied 1 month ago

When i reach a maturity age and had any source of income, i would save my every 40% then invest. Later i would choose to go to live in swissland.

Jeff J Grof replied 1 month ago

I would learn everything I could about investing

GODETA replied 1 month ago

I would love myself more, reflect it my loving others like myself, beleive in the Maker of human life and comiite quality time to learn only skills add value to me as aperson such as leadrship, ettiquette, good communication, assertiveness emotional intelligence.this what would make self sufficient by deploying the to ealrn a living of using the effectively with people.

omot replied 1 month ago

i will like to help people around me to be self dependent. not only teach them but live an exemplary life for them to follow

Jonathan replied 1 month ago

I would study hard and cultivate good self discipline in time management from my early life and did good thing by servicing the need of needed people in society.

selvam replied 1 month ago

Depending on the current scenario, I will decide what I have to do to live happily and to enable the society to live happily.
Whats superior in the past is considered normal at the present, Inferior in the future. What’s Valuable at present may be precious or invaluable in future. For materialistic worldly things demand decides its value. For happiness need and what one enjoys does matters.I want to become something / Someone which / who will be useful to the society where i live.

Castuff Sekgala replied 1 month ago

If I would start my life from scratch, I would avoid unhealthy debt and get-rich-quick schemes. I will learn more about making and building wealth and empower others to be financially free and independent.

Myriam Pierre replied 2 weeks ago

I would definitely be living my life the way I planned it in the beginning of adulthood. I would be running my own business. I would also be traveling the world.

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gwhite2203 answered 1 month ago

I wouldn’t change a thing with the exception of wishing I had spent more time with my mum who unfortunately passed away from COVID a few weeks back. You don’t realise how special those times are until you cant have them

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

Sorry to hear that ūüôĀ
Please accept our condolences.
You shouldn’t blame yourself. I am sure you have done your best.

gwhite2203 replied 1 month ago

Thanks Vahid for your condolences – has taught me to make the most of here and now – you only get 1 chance at life so you need to get on a live it and be bold. Hoping Luckscout is going to help me on my journey

fdk191503 replied 1 day ago

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I wish the best for your mother. And may God bless you and your family with strength to pass this hard time.

Edward Duffy answered 1 month ago

I would follow my dreams more and not listen to negative people that suggest that I shouldn’t invest in certain products that have stood the test of time. I would also pay more attention to learning things that could allow me to have a lifestyle that is a lot better than mine at present. I would also use the money that I make to help less fortunate people and help them to earn and change their life without charging them exorbitant amounts of money.¬†

Jeff J Grof replied 1 month ago


Rojan answered 1 month ago

No changes except for choosing a better network friends.

Emmanuel Enya answered 1 month ago

Hmmmm. Deep question
Basically I have nothing to change about my past, my aim and desire is to finish strong

Christopher Ebhomien answered 1 month ago

Godliness is profitable to everything in life. Live a godly life and make success my priority and then help less privileged ones all around me. The help you gave to others resound back to you in joy and gladness. You begin to enjoy peace and harmony beyond human understand. That’s life!

chin jung chen answered 1 month ago

First of all, I will do my best to let my family live a healthy, happy and happy life
Secondly, I will also do my best to help people around me to fulfill their dreams
In addition, I want to be financially free and time free before the age of 50. I want to be trained in the church  to become a outstanding  evangelist

David answered 1 month ago

Assuming that everything will happen as before, and since I know all the wrong decisions I took, I need only do the right thing this time around and definitely get myself in a more favourable position than the one I am in right now. I would not be needing to struggle with trading but instead manage my challenges and even help other people.

Sele answered 1 month ago

I would study hard and learn i dependency from the get go! 

Sele replied 1 month ago

.. Independency…

darylpa replied 1 month ago

I would go to college for sure. Instead I started doing construction right out of high school and my body is paying for it now. Need 2 knee replacements have bad back and shoulders. So yea I would take a different route.

Arisonace answered 1 month ago

I would like to be a financial analyst and a seasoned programmer

kenndy4reality answered 2 weeks ago

Follow every of their guide seriously. 

Vicaris answered 2 weeks ago

Follow the right path and make better choices

Innigold answered 1 week ago

This question is deep
May God help me
Because without him in our life, Journey, businesses we are nothing

Male answered 1 week ago

I will repeat what I did at first.

jeankomaro answered 2 days ago

I got an opportunity to be born and start at the beginning. First I will dedicate most of my time to God, loving people as myself.
Learn as much as I can. Do right thing.
I would also love to be born in a developed country.

fdk191503 answered 1 day ago

I imagine this often. What I would do is to follow exactly the path I have been travelled. Avoiding every mistakes I have made, and doing the right thing that I need a long time to understand. If this is really happen, maybe I can achieve my goals 10 years earlier. 

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