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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsIs a Epic Trading Membership of Interest for Members of the LuckScout Club?
Steinar Kloverod asked 3 weeks ago

Is a Epic Trading Membership of Interest for Members of the LuckScout Club?

Members of the LuckScout Club has already heard a lot of the possibilities to earn money joining Epic Trading for a membership.  You have probably read and heard how you can be able to do so.
Just a quick refreshment. Epic Trading is a legitimate company that offer education in Forex trading in several ways through their Epic university.  They also provide their members with Forex trading signals for those who want to trade Forex.  They have also the Epic Compensation plan that give the members possibility to earn residual income.  You have to refer three members in the beginning and you are probably aware of that Vahid and the LuckScout Club does a great job to help the members of Epic Trading to recruit members to your own team and to the whole LuckScout-Epic Trading team related to the Compensation Plan.  The costs being a member of Epic Trading can you read about on their home site and from many good articles and stories here on the LuckScout site, and on YouTube you will find several of Vahid’s very good webinars about Epic Trading.  For the moment you can join Epic Trading almost for free through the LuckScout Club offer of almost free help to grow your team.  Further information can be found in my post  What Is Epic Trading All About?

The headline of my question, Is a Epic Trading membership of interest for members of the LuckScout Club?  My answer is definitely yes.  It must be of great interest for members of LuckScout Club also to be a member of Epic Trading and help our Epic Trading community grow and earn money for yourself and our whole Epic Trading team.  It is probably LuckScout members that have seen our promotion of Epic Trading, but have not of several reasons joined the team.

I hope for your thoughts about it and that you also after a consideration join the team.  You have several ways to sign up for a membership and you can also sign up by using  my membership link.  My membership ID is 3075802 in case the form asks you to enter it.

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Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

Yes the queue to join the Luckscout EPIC Trading team seems to have slowed I wonder how we can interest more people to join.
I know that the fee to join can be a turn off but the benefits are enourmous and these are the things that need to be focused on and I know Vahid is doing this through his Youtube webinars and videos.

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