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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions😈 Is Dictatorship in the Developing World a Necessary Evil?
Jackson Mugarura asked 4 months ago

😈 Is Dictatorship in the Developing World a Necessary Evil?

Do you think dictatorship in the developing world is a necessary evil? In the current developing world, dictatorship has taken root seriously with exception of a few countries. It’s is being used as tool to oppress the masses. Leaders intimidate, beat up and kill innocent people at pleasure because some sections of the population offer some support to these dictators. Those who offer some support are either accomplices like ministers and their families and also a small section of the population who are either gaining through these  regimes, or are intimidated. These Dictator’s claim that without them, the future of the masses and development are not guaranteed. The fact that they spend too long in power, to some extent, the masses believe that they are the only solutions to the problems that they are facing. But in actual sense, these issues were created as result of these dictators over stay in power. They easily manipulate, intimidate and force the masses into submission. Where the masses try to resist and show their anger in form of demonstrations, they are met with the worth of power of a gun. These dictators even organize some plebiscite/disguised elections and declare themselves winners with landslide victories. It has been happening in the developing world especially in Africa. In some cases, the masses have contemplated leaving them to govern until they die! You easily hear masses saying that, ” why do they waste time and money organizing elections, they should be left to rule until they die”. But, all these are said because of frustration and hopelessness. These masses see no hope as to when there will be a change of government. With exception of a few developing countries, total dictatorship has remained a common characteristic of the developing world. People have started accepting dictatorship as a way of life and are living with it, with it’s hardships. Do you think dictatorship in the developing world is a necessary evil and people should adopt it and with it? What’s your opinion?

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5 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

Yes, there is no doubt about this, they are necessary evil and stop the developpement of the country.Many of them like to say they are the country’s liberator, the solution of problems,the Angel, a God sender etc, they pretend to be the only person that can lead the country. We have having one in Guinea, he pretended to be the Nelson Mandela,confisq the Power while doing nothing, nothing at all. Since he came on Power, the country’s economy has collapsed, unemployment rate rised, population are suffering than ever before, the country is going back.
For the ambition of a group of people, all country is paying the price.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 months ago

In my country, the president was first defeated in elections in 1980.He lost miserably with only one sit in parliament.He formed a rebel group and managed to come to power in 1986.He created 10 reasons for his government to work on namely, unwarranted detention without trial, democracy, Fighting corruption,human rights observation,.etc.What took him to fight  is what he is also practicing like Uganda has been among the worst countries in terms of corruption,all state agencies are almost lotten  army, Police ,electoral commission have all been reported for having involved  in corruption scandals.The president has acted as an agent of corruption especially in changing the constitution to remove term limits and age limits by giving his loyal members of parliament to pass his personal amendments.It is very unfortunate to Africa because all small development which is available can easily be turned to zero at any time.A case in reference is Rwanda ,Burundi, Somalia,Chad,Democratic Republic of Congo to mention but a few.Wait other countries on the list are coming and it will even be worse.

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Myriam Pierre answered 3 months ago

I was born here in the United States.My parents came here from Haiti. While they were never persecuted by the Duvalier  regime when they came here alk of our family friends of the family and Haitians in General could not forget the burden of dictatorship.The talk of dictatorship being forced onto most of the world is something that has been being talked about since the late 1980’s.And everyone all across this globe just saw what happened at the nation’s capital. People are saying that there is something going on.Many especially these terrorists here say that rights have no meaning to them.I know some of you here are Christians. But you do know that there is no way that God is telling them to do this.Especially with the use of violence and serious intimidation in the name of God.I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to live under such a system.Even though too people feel the way they do about Cuba being a communist nation even they have condemned these inhumane and dangerous attempts to force dictatorship upon the world.It has absolutely no place anywhere on this planet.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 months ago

Dictators are not good for any king of society. They violence and force to intimidate people.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 3 months ago

Dictatorship has become a necessary evil in many developing countries. One of the reasons is that tribal conflicts often necessitate strong leadership and central power in order to maintain law and order. However, that should not be the case. When a country is governed as a dictatorship, it means that only a small part of the population is allowed to take part in how the country is governed and growth and development are reserved for loyal followers of the power elite. The power apparatus around a dictator will always oppress the rest of the people who want to take part in the governance of the country, freedom of the press and freedom to think anything other than the power elite around a dictator. You have described how this is done in the comments to your question. The challenge is that most developing countries have no democratic tradition and a dictatorial system of government has been allowed to develop without opposition. There is often a lack of democratic parties that safeguard the population’s opinions on how the country should be governed, and there is a lack of real elections and referendums in the election of members of the National Assembly. A presidential election must also be conducted in a way that does not provide a basis for election fraud. The conclusion is that the only way to give the majority of the country’s population the opportunity to govern the country is through a democratic system of government where the government, prime minister and possibly a president are based on the majority in a national assembly put together in a free election. This is called parliamentarism. It should also be the form of government in developing countries.

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