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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsIs It Better to Buy Cryptocurrency and Hold It for Years or Buy and Sell After Small Appreciation?
Kenneth Ogbonnaya asked 3 weeks ago

Is It Better to Buy Cryptocurrency and Hold It for Years or Buy and Sell After Small Appreciation?

13 Answers
Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

It is personal decision, you may decide to keep some for years and the other for small appreciation

Male answered 3 weeks ago

Is not better and is not advisable to sell it at small after many years of holding it.

Gareth White answered 2 weeks ago

Why not do both? Make small and regular gains if you know how to trade it and then have a long term play. Usually if you get in at the beginning you are buying low enough that it should only go up.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

The best thing is to buy and hold your cryptocurrency for years instead of buying and selling after small appreciate. Those who sold all their bitcoin after a small appreciation are regretting today.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 weeks ago

It depends on how you manage financial risk and the timeframe you follow eg if you follow longer timeframes like monthly charts you can hold your position for even more than a year.if you have abigger account you can wait but if you have less account  your stop loss will be hit.

James0608 replied 2 weeks ago

No one knows what is the price after holding few years . It might go up or down . You have to hold based on your risk tolerance and make profit once it hit your profit target .

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

If you’re a good investor,and you believe that the cryptocurrency you bought have the potential change to get higher value that now you can hold them for a long period but if you that it will not raise after a small appreciation then sell them and take your small profit.

Gareth White answered 2 weeks ago

As long as you’re in the market you have the potential to make money if you sit on the side lines you dont. Short term / Long term, either, or both just do it!!

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

Buying cryptocurrencies and hold it for years is a good investment. Look at the bitcoin. The key is to find the cryptocurrencies which are still in the development phase. This is because you can get it at a very affordable price, even some of them are free.

For example, you can start mining Pi cryptocurrency for free. You can find the information about Pi here. Or you can wait for Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, to be officially announced.

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I think those two cryptocurrencies have the potentials to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world. I think new cryptocurrency should have innovative and new principles compared to the bitcoin to be considered worthy of investment.

David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

Initially when you invested in that cryptocurrency you must have had a strategy and a plan. So the best will be to stick to your plan.

Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 2 weeks ago

I accepted all the comments of the LUCKSCOUT members. I think investing in crypto for longer-term is better considering the current price of bitcoin. But, is good not trade crypto rather on margin basis . 

Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 days ago

It depends on your own decision.As for me my Advice is to keep holding for a long period of time.

Jackson Mugarura answered 3 days ago

I think this depends on ones personal decision, and the rate of appreciation. In Business sense, if the price appreciates, why hold onto an item? It makes sense to sell after price appreciation, in order to continue the business cycle, and make more profits than keeping an item for too long. This is because you never know what the future holds.

Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 days ago

On a second thought, if you noticed a sudden surge in price, say by %100 or over %100, I suggest you sell them and buy them when you notice a huge drop in price.

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