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Steinar Kloverod asked 1 month ago

Joining a Epic Trading as a Legitimate MLM Is the Best Way of Having Passive Income

What is a Multi Level Marketing organization

An MLM organization is a very powerful marketing tool. We often have the perception that MLM is illegal because such an organization is built on the pyramid principle. That is, a person recruits followers who in turn recruit followers and the profits from the organization’s activities are distributed to the participants based on the position they have in the organization. Multi Level Marketing is a pyramid scheme. In the next section I will explain the difference between a legal and an illegal pyramid business.

The difference between a legal and illegal pyramid organization

The difference between a legal and illegal pyramid organization. The difference between a legal and illegal MLM pyramid is that a legal MLM organization has a legal and good product to sell. This can be both physical and digital products. A legitimate MLM system or organization is a very effective way to market your product. However, it is absolutely crucial that everyone who participates in the organization is active and buys or sells the product and markets the product and follows up their participation in the organization by paying membership fees and keeping the membership active.

An illegal MLM organization is characterized by the fact that the participants often pay a larger membership fee or deposit a larger financial amount with the promise of getting the money back at a later date with the addition of a financial compensation. MLM businesses are monitored and controlled worldwide by the countries’ financial supervisors and competition supervisors. In the United States, this is done by the Federal Trade Commission. In the next section, I will take a closer look at the FTC’s tasks.

Federal Trade Commission – tasks

The Federal Trade Commission will look after the interests of consumers. The office was established in 1914 with the task of protecting consumers from unfair and illegal business practices. The Federal Trading Commission monitors the business community and provides consumers with protection against illegal trade and other illegal activities. One of the many tasks is to stop illegal pyramid schemes.


The conclusion of what is mentioned above is that participating in a legal MLM program is the best way to earn passive income. This is income that you get into your account and you do not need to work for it and a participation in this marketing system provides you with an opportunity to get rich.

I have explained how this works out and it is of crucial importance for legality that sale of quality products take place in the organization.

An example of a quality product is Epic Trading. Their Forex trading online university gives you Forex trading signals and much more online education and information about Forex trading. You can also participate in their compensation plan and have passive and residual income through this plan. How it is done is described on their home site. The Epic compensation plan is a legal pyramid scheme like the one I have explained because it has such a strong and solid product to promote and offer the participants. Further information can be found on their website. If you want membership, you can sign up by using my membership link.

My membership ID is 3075802 in case the form asks you to enter it.

To get the membership fee which is $ 134.99 per month reduced to $ 14.99 per month, you have to start by recruiting 3 participants. Once this is done, you will need to create an IBO account for your further membership. This is also explained on Epic Trading’s website. If you are not able to refer three participants, then we do this for here if you join through us by following the above link.

Recruiting participants is the hardest part of the work, and this is what we know very well. That’s why we help our referrals to get their 3 participants. Once you sign up for an EPIC trading account through us, you will be placed in our list and will receive you three referrals when it is your turn that hopefully won’t take too long.

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4 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Yes epic trading is the best MLM bussiness forever, people who have signed in are making money every month.

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Shane Collins answered 1 month ago

You are absolutely right Epic trading will be a great way of generating a passive online income and Epic trading is in fact a legal pyramid scheme and I have to thank you for making the difference between an illegal and legal pyramid scheme clear. I think lots of people get discouraged just by the thought of the word pyramid scheme and stating the difference as to a legal and or illegal pyramid scheme may clear a lot of doubts.

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Myriam Pierre answered 1 month ago

I will be able to sign up with them and through the list k possibly before spring.Epic Trading is making waves.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

I believe that epic trading opportunity will spread around the world and make millionnaires in short period of time.

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