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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsHave You Made Any Money Online Before?
Emmanuel Enya asked 1 month ago

Have you made any money online before? If yes, share your experience on how you made it possible.

Birembero4 replied 3 weeks ago

I have not received any penny from online business,i have been trading forex for almost a year, not yet successful.I hope to succeed with luckscout

James0608 replied 1 week ago

I also have not received any money from legitimate online business. Years ago I did join some illegal internet scheme which gave some good returns but suddenly denied all excess to that particular website.
Hoping can do well with luckscout .

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Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 1 month ago

I have been making money online since 2002 🙂
You can learn about my online business here:

Emmanuel Enya replied 1 month ago

Quite an impressive profile I must confess, I just wish that your offer of automated business creation and forex affiliate system could be opened once again, I had prepared to register for that.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

Thank you Emmanuel 🙂
We have reached the level we can’t add any more clients.
However, the good news for you is that it is much easier to make money on through The LuckScout Club system:
It is not easy to make money with Forex affiliate system because you need to do marketing and generate targeted traffic.

Emmanuel Enya replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you, it’s just that I don’t know if you could give me a forecast on how much one could make if he reaches or pass a certain criteria, like for example the luckscout system is based on point, and you generate points by reading, commenting and posting articles. How many points do we need to amass inorder to get paid?

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Emmanuel,
We have already answered this question.
It doesn’t work like that.
In our system, no special number of points equals a special amount of money.

fdk191503 replied 1 week ago

Thank you Vahid. An impressive profile. I am just eager to know the result of this October point.

Chin-Jung Chen answered 1 month ago

Have You Made Any Money Online Before?
NO ! 
I am a IT person , I worked in the information department of one large medical center in my country.
but I retired  8 years ago !

LuckScout Staff replied 1 month ago

So you will make money online for the first time here on 🙂

Tiger replied 2 weeks ago

Yes, this is my first time

Beston replied 1 week ago

This is actually the first time trying out online businesses..

Vicaris answered 1 month ago

No, hoping to make money very soon, not just money but a fortune through Jesus Christ Amen.

Tiger replied 2 weeks ago

not just money but a fortune through Jesus Christ, what does this mean? I don’t understand how Jesus Christ can bring you money and fortune !
I am also a Christian, thank the Lord, we can meet here

Gareth White answered 1 month ago

Not really just the usual ebaying. Hoping this is going to be the way forward and get better and better as things progress

Edward Duffy answered 1 month ago

No I have not made any money online. I would like to find a product or a service that I could certainly be able to achieve this.

Emmanuel Enya replied 3 weeks ago

If you could increase your knowledge on financial trading and enroll into the luckscout program you could start making money online

Male answered 2 weeks ago

I have made money out of Forex trading.

fdk191503 answered 1 week ago

Nope. I have never made money online before. Just joined the Luckscout club for about a week. And I hope that it will be the record-breaking moment in my online business journey. 

David Matlala answered 1 week ago

I did join one affiliate program a number of years ago but I did not make any money The products we were promoting were obsolete. 

Gareth White answered 1 week ago

I have tried several online money making methods over the years from ebay and amazon shops and completing surveys. They have provided ok revenue streams but always required a fair bit of time and monitoring. The hardest part was with having a full time job and trying to get the items posted out. I still do sell items via ebay because it is so easy and really should do a little more. I think Luckscout is a much more comprehensive package and at present I am trying to focus my efforts on that

jeankomaro answered 1 week ago

I have been trying to make money online since December 2018 .i have been a member of uncountable bussines, MLM ,Several of them was a scam and a waste of time and money but the only legit and trusted business I discovered before is TIRUS Ltd .i didn’t made a lot from it but with 10$ registration I have already got more than 250$and more potential unlimited earning are coming very soon. I think with luckscoutclub I will make more than that.

jeankomaro answered 21 hours ago

I started online business in 2018.i made my first online money in 2019 from 36$,80$,120,450$ etc.
I will never give up, I believe that I can make more than that.

Jackson Mugarura answered 21 hours ago

I have been trying to explore any possibility of making money online for many years before, but I had never made any break through. All the sites I have ever visited are disappointing. But there a verse in the bible that says, ” seek and you will find”. After seeking for long, now here I am.

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