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jeankomaro asked 2 weeks ago

My Story in Forex Trading

I have started trading in Forex market 4 months ago. I hadn’t any idea about how to trade; which strategy is the best and even which broker I should use. In fact, I didn’t know anything about trading. But I was very excited to know how to trade . When I discovered this website I began to understand something about trading like candlesticks pattern; indicators; fundamental analyses and so on. I’ve learnt a lot things. The funny thing is I discovered now that I can make passive income just by joining the LuckScout Club even if and I don’t have enough skills. This is a very good opportunity for me. I didn’t pay my monthly fees for October in order to participate and earn because I don’t have any possibility to pay through PayPal (It doesn’t exist in my living country). I Will do all my best to replenish my PayPal account next months to participate on November. Thanks to the founder of this club for this massive opportunity.

5 Answers
Vicaris answered 2 weeks ago

You can still pay the membership fee this month and partake in the Luckscout Club payment scheme

jeankomaro replied 2 weeks ago

Yes I would really like to paye membership fee this months;but as I said there is no PayPal payment system in Morocco where I am living currently and I can’t paye through wire Bank too. The only possible way I have is to send money to a trusted person using bitcoins ‘Perfect money or Nettler and then should have PayPal to make send me to my PayPal account. This is a very long process and will take transactions fees too.
I will take risk to do that. That is why I am waiting impatiently for the next month.Of course I will keepon learning every single day to improve my skills.

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

Absolutely, that is what the Luckscout Team have said in other posts. Good luck on your trading journey and I hope you find the success you need.

jeankomaro replied 2 weeks ago

Absolutely right. I am sure I will succeed because I’m at the right place now. The only thing that reminds me now is the willing; commitment and hard work. I got lot of good ideas here about how to get rich and then richer. how to make your money work hard for you to secure your financial freedom….. If knew it before I would have not been poor now.

Nolo answered 2 weeks ago

I hope you’ll manage to pay this month’s fee and participate fully in the club. Good luck!

Male answered 1 week ago

My story in Forex trading is intriguing and interesting.  

gwhite2203 answered 4 days ago

Good luck with your trading and make sure you get on the Luckscout train because we are all shooting for the moon!!

jeankomaro replied 4 days ago

Thank you very much. I’m already on the luckScout train. My trading is improving day after day.

James0608 replied 1 day ago

Hope you are able to pay and participate in October . Forex will be here always , so take your time to master the skill . Nothing to hurry . Good luck .

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