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Edward Duffy asked 3 weeks ago

Presidential Transition in the United States, When Will It End

In the media today it was reported that there was a Trump rally in Washington yesterday US time and it was also reported that after the rally Trump supporters invaded the Capitol building and the senators that were voting to certify the Electoral College process had to be evacuated. It is being reported that one person has been shot dead and others have died in the Capitol grounds from natural causes.
It is also being reported that VP Pence’s chief of staff has been banned from entering the White House and it is believed that Trump is retaliating against Pence because the VP would not overturn the election results during the joint sitting of Congress. It is being reported that Pence did not have the authority anyway to overturn the result.
It now appears that Trumps own party may be turning against him with Mitch McConnell issued a statement that “The United States Senate will not be intimidated. We will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs or threats,” “we will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation, We will discharge our duty under the Constitution.”
It seems like Trump is calling out to the unsavory elements of his supporter base and i am sure that I heard in the media that Trump will do anything to overturn the election result and that he will be back in four years.
What will Trump do between now and the inauguration of Biden? Will Trump be sacked or impeached again under the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution. There is a statement from one Congresswoman saying that she is drafting the articles of impeachment of the President. Is Trump in your opinion fit to remain in office albeit for the next two weeks? Will this go down as the most controversial period in US history?

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5 Answers
Myriam Pierre answered 3 weeks ago

I have been following that coverage since yesterday. I must say that it is very bad but somehow we knew it was going to occur.It really is scary.Yes Trumps party members are turning against him.If you are following this many people across the world are watching this.They all feel the way we do.And it does make you wonder.Why is it so hard for this terrible President and his followers to accept that the election is over?That they did not win?And now we are worried b we cause we do not know what will occur bet now and the 20th.I have been voting for a little more than thirty years.Never did I think that this would come to the shores of the United States. But it has.You do say that we wonder what else will happen.I will tell you this.It will stay in the media headlines for a while.Hardly nothing will get done know you are aware that some members of his cabinet are now resigning because of yesterday’s chaos it makes them look bad.In the end God will protect most of us from this.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 3 weeks ago

I never knew that Americans are just like that part of the world. This election have really opened the secret about cheating in election. I know in every rumor, there’s an atom of truth in it, if there was free and fair election in America, I don’t think that Mr Trump will come up with the accusations of rigging. Meanwhile, am not supporting what he is doing now, I would have advice him to go house and rest.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 1 week ago

When I am writing this we know a part of your question Edward.  The presidential inauguration will soon take place.  The past 2 weeks since the storming of the congress have gone without more violence and mr. Trump will not attend the inauguration.  You also asked if this will go down as the most controversial period in US history.  I don’t know the American history too well, but I assume that this presidential period have been one of the worst periods in American history.  It is temting to say that the past four years can be compared with president Lincolns presidential period during the American covil war.

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Edward Duffy answered 1 week ago

It all appears to have gone very well and Trump has moved out of the White House without ever conceding defeat. He has vowed to come back in some form or another but that may depend on the Impeachment process that the House is going to undertake.
I think it will depend on how much the Republican party want Trumps money as to whether they allow him to run in 2024. I am not that well versed in American politics but he may run as an independant? Who knows lets wait for the next chapter.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 6 days ago

Trump left the White House office but it didn’t concede the defeat, he said he will come back and nothing is finished for now.

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