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Questions and StoriesCategory: Stories🔧Quality of Your Posts on LuckScout’s Questions/Stories Board
The LuckScout Team Staff asked 4 months ago

🔧Quality of Your Posts on LuckScout’s Questions/Stories Board

Every day, we receive too many questions/stories submitted by LuckScout members. Unfortunately, many of them have no proper grammatical and spelling conditions, and so we cannot approve and publish them on the site. Just because posting too many questions or stories earns points for The LuckScout Club members, many of them sacrifice quality for quantity, and so they don’t even proofread their writings.

We thank those members who submit quality posts. However, many others must pay attention to this before they post again. Some members submit too many posts every day, with just one single word in the title and a short ~5 words question in the post body. This is not the correct way of posting on this board, and these kinds of posts will never be approved and published.

This is an example of a relatively good post, which has a proper title and body size, while it has a proper grammatical and spelling format: Do You Place Comma After “Then” at the Beginning of a Sentence?

Although many of The LuckScout Club’s members’ posts are much better than the above example, other members need to pay more attention to the quality of their posts from now on.

Please see some examples of the quality titles and topics below and try to submit posts like them to get the highest points in short and long-term:

  • How Much Does It Cost to Mine Bitcoin?
  • What Is the Best Way to Grow Your EPIC Trading Team?
  • When Will We Become Able to Buy/Sell Pi Cryptocurrency?
  • This Is How I Assembled a New PC

Thank you 🙂

Jackson Mugarura replied 4 months ago

Thank you very much for that guidance. We shall endeavour to pay the necessary attention to quality. God bless.

Binladan07 replied 4 months ago

Grateful, on what topic do supposed posting need to be based on, for example, can one post articles on this website

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17 Answers
Nnaemeka Victor answered 4 months ago

Thanks for the awareness. I would always try to submit quality posts.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 months ago

Some of us have started using English, when we are old, and picking the foreign language is not easy. We are going to be more serious to improve on language.

Jonathan Yodok replied 4 months ago

You are right.

ogahilla replied 3 months ago

That’s the reason i haven’t yet begin posting any article on the site. I need fast to Polish my grammar. That a side, really some mistakes are tying errors. One need to proof read before he or she posts.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

Yes, it’s necessary to respect grammatical rules in order to understand what you want to say, unfortunately some people like me are French speaker. It’s not easy for us to be good as those Who their native language is English. I used to make lot of mistakes, but from now on I will pay more attention and do my best to write good sentences.
Thanks you for the awareness.

Ugbe replied 4 months ago

That true

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Edward Duffy answered 4 months ago

Happy to assist anyone that is struggling to comply with request. I know using a language that you are used to would be a problem.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 4 months ago

Thank you for bringing up this issue.

I think the substance of the questions/stories, as well as the responses to these questions/stories, is also essential. And everyone should understand these questions thoroughly and then provide an appropriate response.

I think it would damage the community if we sacrifice quality for quantity. It will damage the person who does this too.

In the case of grammar, I think Grammarly is an excellent tool for those whose English is not their first language. Although the paid version is much better, Grammarly can be used for free and is doing just fine.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 4 months ago

Hi luckscout, we shall endeavour to always improve, I know it’s a different environment that we are venturing into now. But constant practice makes improvement, and it will be seen.

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David Matlala answered 4 months ago

We’ll  be better equipped with the given information. We are all in this together.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

Like everything quality is more important than quantity. Quality sentence give us a best understanding of the topic and your opinion.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

Absoluly right, we have to provide a sentence with good quality to allow people understand our opinion.

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 4 months ago

Some members tends to repeat the same answers/posts most times, this is not good for the team. We need to be careful of our posts in order to drive traffic to this site.

LuckScout Staff replied 4 months ago

Thank you Nnaemeka…
Please report them to us. We will block their accounts permanently. We have already done this to some spammers.

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Edward Duffy answered 4 months ago

Yes I think it is very important to post quality material as this promotes good discussion and possibly promotes good traffic. I always try and think about the topic that I am about to post and in most cases promotes good discussion.

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Shane Collins answered 4 months ago

Thank you so much. Grammar and spelling is very important and should be paid close attention to.

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Izishahnaz answered 3 months ago

Noted and thank you for your guidance. As English is not my first language, this is a good opportunity for me to improve my writing in English. I will properly check before post it.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 3 months ago

Pak Izi — I suggest you used Grammarly for checking your questions, answers, or articles. The free version is sufficient for basic grammar and spell checks.

Izishahnaz replied 3 months ago

Yes Pak Ahamd. That’s what I have done. Grammarly is a useful tool. Recommended by me as well. I also believe that, free version is good enough for us.

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adharad answered 2 months ago

Thank you for the warnings and information given. I strive to provide questions, quality comments for this club

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Steinar Kloverod answered 2 months ago

Thank you for this guidance.  I try to produce quality questions and questions that will be of interest for the club members.  The articles I have written so far have focus on topics related to laws, regulations and a bit politics.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 months ago

Yes, the quality of our post will attract more people to join us. There is no benefits to post things that aren’t meaningful.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 months ago

Yes Leno.
Did you receive the email?
Just submit a quality post and receive 100,000 points now 😀

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