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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions🙊 Suppression of Dissent Voices in Africa?
Jackson Mugarura asked 4 months ago

🙊 Suppression of Dissent Voices in Africa?

Will suppression of dissent voices ever end in Africa?
African countries take number one as role models in suppression of human rights curtailment of democratic freedoms. Even in countries which we consider to have taken steps to preserve human rights and democratic freedom, it’s still happening in many forms.
This vice comes at it’s highest point during the so called elections. It’s during this period that opposition Politicians are targeted, they are beaten, teargassed and even shot.
It’s a common occurrence during elections period, to find security agencies brutalizing members of the opposition and those civilians who do no support the incumbent head of state. They are beaten, teargassed, and others are killed.
This something that is never heard of in developed countries. Yes, politicians in developed countries also get differences but they restrain themselves very much. Leave alone the just concluded US presidential elections where there was some impasse, other previous ones have been somewhat very peaceful. The verbal attacks have not been much like this just concluded elections.
But in in Africa, the number of people who die in elections related violence  keeps going high and high every year according to studies. For instance, in my country Uganda, the arrest and detention of the opposition candidate just a few weeks ago, resulted in street protests in which 54 innocent lives were lost in just two days. Live bullets were used on protesters who were protesting against arrest of their presidential candidate. This has not only happened here, but also in many other countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, to name but a few.
All in all, it has become the order of the day in Africa, to harass, beat, intimidate and shoot people with dissent voices. Are we seeing the end of this scenario in Africa very soon or it’s going to go on, business as usual? What is your say on this?

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4 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

If is something that will keep happening in Africa until the installation of the thrue democracy. Africa leaders doesn’t know the truth definition of democracy,even if they know, they don’t care to apply it. The worse part of this problem is the killing of innocent people that have nothing to do with they game. For the opposition i can’t say lot of things,they are all the same,they will apply the same thing when they become president. A good example is our Guinean president, when he was in opposition, he was the leader that where calling for democracy, human right, expression freedom and so on,now he has come on Power, he refused to leave the desk, lot of killing, no justice, the country is in total insecurity.he has become a real dictator.

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Edward Duffy answered 4 months ago

Do the people that engage in this behaviour come from poor areas where they  believe that by intimidating people this will give them the life and the power that may never have had.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 4 months ago

I normally ask my self who bewitched Africa.Innocent individuals die in the name of protecting one person who is the president.People in my country  have died and many are still dying .All security forces have been put   to protect one person  ,other individuals who stand against him are regarded as rioters and even marijuana takers.Its a big shame in Uganda where 90 % of people living are christians and the head of christians remain silent.I wouder who will fight for justice in an injustice community.

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Gareth White answered 4 months ago

Just amazes sometimes how this is allowed to go on not only in the country of concern but also by its neighbours. The only way this will change is by bigger countries getting involved but they dont appear interested.

Jackson Mugarura replied 4 months ago

True Gareth White, I think it’s crucial that bigger powers should intervene, but where are they! It’s everybody for himself and God for us all. Innocent people are killed and then survivors threatened while the bigger powers look on. Our colonial masters the British are just looking on as Ugandan dictator is slaughtering innocent people, just last week alone 54 innocent people were butchered in cold blood and even media houses worldwide showed it.

Jackson Mugarura replied 4 months ago

Just after that incident, a security minister appeared on television and threatened people that security agencies have a right to shoot and kill people instead of apologizing. What the hell is going!

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