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Questions and StoriesCategory: StoriesThe Drive and Determination to Succeed
Arisonace asked 1 month ago

The Drive and Determination to Succeed

Many live unfulfilled lives and many more continue to experience regrets while alive. A lot of us want to be successful and this comes with a price. There is a sacrifice to pay for success. Many are swimming in the ocean of depression daily because of the failures and lost opportunities that they have experienced. Depression is real and many around the world commit suicide as an aftermath of depression.

The question to ask is, are you willing to succeed? How determined are you? A razor blade sharp focused mind is a prerequisite. In that business of yours, are you determined to be the best? Really, there is a sacrifice to pay if you must change the game for yourself. It is important to define the degree of success you thirst for. The hungrier you are, the more motivated you should be towards realizing your goals. It is also important to invest in your goals. How many books have you read that talks about your discipline/business/vocation/calling? Books contain secrets and authors have provided ”charity at its peak” to pour their mind into their written stuff. So, it is important to dig deep into books. Within books are contained mind-blowing secrets that are impregnated with the potential to transform your mind and catapult your business to the next level.

Happiness is a function of how successful you have become. Have you not noticed the more successful you get, the more happier you become? I am giving you this for free. The degree to which you will be happy in this life is directly related to your success attainment in your calling, whether it be a business, academics, music, sports, etc. It is therefore, worth every effort of yours to be determined to succeed at you calling in life. Success is an opportunity that only the living being has in this present life. So, you owe it to yourself to succeed. Achievement in life results in happiness and everyone desire happiness. Even your wife chose you because of her desire to be married happily ever after. Your circle of friends and family experience joy when you are an achiever. So, follow your dream with great tenacity. Be determined to succeed. This life will be lived once and as the great philosopher has said ‘if I succeed it is my fault, if I fail it is my fault’. Choose this day your greatest desire. Do not give up on your dream.

You may be feeling depressed and even contemplating suicide at this moment. Or you may know someone that is depressed. Depression comes partly as a result of unfulfilled expectations. Some people strive towards achievement and winning in life, but when their expectations are not met, they experience the feelings of failure that is accompanied by inferiority complexes. This is just one of the lies and untrue sensations that enter our hearts when things do not work as expected the very first time. Remember Thomas Edison? The man who invented the first incandescent electric light  bulb in his Menlo Park Laboratory, New Jersey in 1879. Edison tried 999 times and the game changer for him occurred thunderously at his 1000th attempt. He never gave up. When asked about his failures and how he coped with failing 999 times, he replied, ‘I did not fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with a thousand steps’ – paraphrased. So, how many times have you tried to learn that trade or that skill? Never, ever give up. Hold your shoulders high and repeat to yourself ‘I will never give up’. Go for your goals. Follow your dreams.

Succeed while you are alive. Do not wait until you are old before you follow your dreams. Be determined to win at what you have always desired. Think winning always. Write your goal in a sheath of paper and paste it on your doors so you can always look at it. You may paste it on your show mirror if you have one. The idea is that when your goal is written down, it is conceived in your mind and while you look at it regularly, an impression is created upon your heart. My experience make me know that there are forces in the universe that brings our greatest desires close to us until they are attained. If you are yet to write your goal in a paper, pick one now and write your goal out. Br determined to follow this goal even if it demands your blood. I can categorically tell you that if you work towards your written goals, you will improve yourself and will become more happier when the goal is achieved.

Keep at it, do not give up. Those that have won today have in one time failed at something in the past. Another opportunity to succeed can only come when you have tried and failed initially. Time will not permit me to write about Abraham Lincoln who went to war as a Captain and returned a Private, failed as a business man, failed as a lawyer, defeated in politics in his first attempt for legislature, failed in his attempt to be nominated for congress, defeated in his application for the post of a commissioner, defeated in senatorial election in 1854, defeated in attempt to occupy the office of the vice president in 1856, defeated in senatorial election in 1958. He even wrote a letter to his friend and described himself as the most miserable man in existence while he was experiencing his challenging times. Failure yields the feelings of sadness and unhappiness.

Dear reader, be determined to work with this two options ‘it is either I succeed at this…… or I succeed, because failure is never an option’. Friend, a resolute determination must be fueled in your heart and do not give up because the only time to prove to yourself that you can make it is while you are yet alive. So, go for it, follow your dreams and do not give up. Abraham Lincoln eventually became the President of the United States of America. Did he fail in life? Yes, at first. Did he win? Yes. Will you fail in life? Maybe yes, at some point. Will you win?……………… I leave this space for you to fill-in. What have you determined for yourself today, to fail or succeed?…………………. It is up to you.

Watch out for my post on fear and how fear limits ones achievements in life and incapacitates people and how can fear can be overcome.

Jonathan replied 1 month ago

Nice article where lot of things regarding success we can learn. Success requires action and determination. However sometime life is tricky. The journey of life is always being played by what happened in surrounding us. I experienced this situation by living in very small income which everything is always insufficient. But I totally agree as stated above that we have to sacrifice even if it demand our blood and never give up.

Ralph replied 1 month ago

Thanks for this active, joining luckscout has made me realize I owe this group alot…….
I have failed my times in my life but have determined to take a huge step this time around in pursuit for success……..
I am reading this at the right time.
Thanks once again

Ralph replied 1 month ago

Thanks for this acticle, joining luckscout has made me realize I owe this group alot…….
I have failed my times in my life but have determined to take a huge step this time around in pursuit for success……..
I am reading this at the right time.
Thanks once again

Terry replied 1 month ago

I needed this article today. I feel like l keep trying things and failing at everything I do. I won’t quit but it does get hard sometimes not to quit. Thanks for this article.

mudamarkus replied 1 month ago

Great motivator excellent motivation

Arisonace replied 1 month ago

Terry, believe in yourself. At this point, you need to get a mentor and you deserve to be trained by the best mentors. Will you seek out that best mentor in this field you are struggling with? You don’t quit yet. Take that next step.

fdk191503 replied 2 weeks ago

the singleness of message on determination to succeed in life is what i appreciate very much from this article. And that also what made it great. anyone who wish for a successful life should adopt a strong and unwavering determination to succeed .

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Edward Duffy answered 1 month ago

I agree with everyone that has responded above a very good article and one that provokes a deal of thought as to why we are all here. Some are unable to find a direction in life and others have distractions in life that take them away from their dreams. Thank you for the article.

LuckScout Staff answered 1 month ago

Thank you Arisonace for such a great article 🙂

GODWIN replied 1 month ago

I have learnt to always write down my goals and working on achieving the set goals

Arisonace replied 1 month ago

I will also encourage you to include in your write-up, the reason why you desire success in that particular thing you have set out to accomplish or will be acting on. Writing this down fuels the passion in you to go for the dream. The more hungrier you are, the more reasons you will discover to succeed, thus, making you desire to succeed at it.

ROKA replied 1 month ago

working smart, a little bit of luck and remain focused will always guarantee success

Arisonace replied 1 month ago

Very true. A wise man once said when preparation meets opportunities, success becomes automatic. Meaning when you have put in your best effort to learn or achieve some skills, knowledge, etc;someday when opportunist presents itself and there is a vacancy for anyone who is skilful, only the prepared will be ready to take such roles. This looks like sudden success.

Vicaris answered 1 month ago

Indeed, this article is a morale booster. After reading this great write-up, I am more determined to achieve my set goals this year. Though the year is gradually winding up, this wise piece of work has uplifted my spirit and has opened my great possibilities.
🙏 Thanks a bunch, Arisonace

Arisonace replied 1 month ago

Vicaris, I believe you can do it again and again. But are you thirsty enough? Why do you want to make it happen? Just put in your best effort and you owe no man thanks. Not even me.

Vicaris answered 1 month ago

Indeed, this article is a morale booster. After reading this great write-up, I am more determined to achieve my set goals this year. Though the year is gradually winding up, this wise piece of work has uplifted my spirit and has opened my mind to great possibilities.
Thanks a bunch, Arisonace

Ralph replied 1 month ago

God bless

David answered 1 month ago

Good article indeed. You have to be devoted to your cause and surround yourself with the right people.

Arisonace replied 1 month ago

Very correct. The right people will include getting the right mentorship. Paying to attent the right training, seeking free quality information. Limitless and fearless determination.

Emmanuel Enya replied 4 weeks ago

Great article, we are currently in a time in our world where words of encouragement are needed

Ralph replied 2 weeks ago


Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

The right people and the right advice is paramount.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Many people are making determination to succeed in their chosen endeavours.  

Gareth White answered 1 week ago

Great article – very comprehensive and great to see everyone feeding back in to it. The key is definitely to keep trying and never give. Success is just around the corner – for some the journey is short and others its slightly longer

Jackson Mugarura replied 6 hours ago

I agree with you, it’s a great article. Thanks bro.

jeankomaro answered 2 hours ago

I think everything has been mentioned above, I agree with what you already said. Success requires determination, devotion, positive thoughts, perseverance. One you gather all these things, you will discover The success automatically.

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