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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsThe Existence of Extra Terrestrials Are They Real?
Shane Collins asked 1 week ago

The Existence of Extra Terrestrials Are They Real?

Over the years it has become easier to find information regarding aka “aliens” and or extra terrestrials meaning a life source other than humans and animals. Some documentaries have been very popular claiming the existence of area fifty one real and that there are in fact alien beings amongst us. Another baffling thing is the reported sightings of the so called UFO’s. Surely the masses can not be wrong. Then there is even a few things on DSTV namely called “alien files unsealed”. I can not say I believe in aliens per say but I do believe there must be life out there besides on planet earth that we are yet to discover. I guess my question is do you believe in extra terrestrial or alien beings?

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4 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 week ago

I have heard about their story and their existence in many documentories but i don’t believe in their existence yet. Those who had seen them has never given a proper explanation about what they saw.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 1 week ago

I don’t believe in the existence of extra terrestrial. To me it doesn’t exist.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 7 days ago

No one can convince me concerning their existence until i see with my eyes or real evidence of their existence.

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Shane Collins answered 13 hours ago

I see with the previous comments that there is some what disbelief until proven otherwise which is to totally understandable. Like I said in the question above I do not believe in aliens per say however I stand with scientists on this one and believe there are different life forces that are yet to be discovered. It is really one big galaxy surely we can’t be the only living beings inhabiting it?

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