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Arisonace asked 4 weeks ago

The Instruments Binary Options

How profitable is binary options?

How can one win consistently using this instrument?

Arisonace replied 4 weeks ago

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Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

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6 Answers
Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

I would need to understand binary options before I looked at investing in them. Are the methods similar to FX trading?

Arisonace replied 4 weeks ago

You know how it feels when you begin trading forex with low capital and you are finding alternative easy ways to generate cash? I decided to do binary options so i could earn profits to invest in other trade instruments that are more sustainable like forex. Wow, I know so little and even though I have read and practiced little, I have just blown almost all my profits in a matter of seconds. So, I advice that you really dig deep to understand these binary before you venture into it. It’s risky and very volatile, so great opportunities to make or loose your money. I’m stressed right now. Vahid has just shared some links to learning more about binary options….
See here

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Binary Options Trading with Fundamental Analytical Techniques
Binary Options and Whether They Make Money or Not
Binary Options Trading: Does It Make Money?

Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

That is exactly why I have not entered that market as I find FOREX hard enough to make a profit let alone something I know so little about. I really do not have the money to lose at present that is why I am so hesitant to do a lot in these spaces.

Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

I think I will leave binary options to others as it appears that you need to know what you are doing.

Arisonace replied 4 weeks ago

True. Finding what works will change the game for every trader. If you know what works, then that becomes your edge in the market. Your discovered edge is your key to profits. It’s important to stay disciplined and trade only your edge when the setup forms in place.

Male answered 1 week ago

To me Binary Option is a gamble game and it is very risky to play it with the money you need.

gwhite2203 answered 19 hours ago

Never got on the Binary bandwagon. Like with all methods of trading there appear to positives and negatives. The Luckscout articles are certainly on my reading list and then I will make a decision on if i think its right for me.

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