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adharad asked 2 months ago

The Reason Why I Am So Confident With to Make Money Online

I am sure there are many considerations from people to be able to make money easily online. They do not believe that they can get money easily online. Initially, it happened to me too. But armed with information and also searching on google, I got the site. I believe that this platform can make money online easily. Why am I sure of that?
I saw some members from September 2020 to November 2020 at the link:

I was informed of the club member’s point record and the amount of money received.

September 2020:
A high of 13,420 points brought in $ 1,846.64
A low of 2,230 earned $ 306.86
This means that every 1 point gets $ 0.14

October 2020:
The highest point of 77,439 earned $ 199.14
The lowest point of 61,139 earned $ 157.23
This means that every 1 point earns $ 0.003

November 2020:
The highest point of 367,167 earned $ 369.13
As low as 97,980 points earned $ 98.50 in cash
This means that every 1 point gets $ 0.001

During the three months before I joined in December 2020, the points members have accumulated have a definite monetary value to them. It depends on your performance at the club. If your performance is very active at the club, the more points you get, it will also happen with the amount of money you will get.
How do you collect points? You can read it at the following link:

Evidently, I could get $ 167.54 in December 2020 with 611,066 points, which means that every 1 point earns $ 0.0002. I firmly believe that will improve its services better to increase the payout yield to its members with active members in the club.

However, you can increase your money here by joining EPIC trading:
Monthly payments will be released after the team recruits 3 members for each of the first 10 members.

You can even start by becoming a member of and making EPIC Trading payments from the money you get in the
Why is that?

Because if you can collect a lot of points in you can get more money and can be used for EPIC payments ($ 99.99). But you don’t need to worry, now EPIC Trading will give you $ 50- $100 every month by joining EPIC Trading. I believe the money made on EPIC Trading will continue to grow over time.

It is very interesting for me to join and EPIC Trading soon.

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7 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Very interesting opportunity. It is very encouraging to have $50 or $100 every month.

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adharad answered 1 month ago

Right, Mr. Leno.
I am thinking and preparing to join EPIC soon, of course, first I prepare the money that I have to pay every month in EPIC.
How about you?

Shane Collins replied 1 month ago

Hi Adharad I have joined the Epic team go for it we do not want to miss opportunities and I am very certain that slots are getting fuller. Getting in sooner is not a bad idea and the Epic trading compensation plan seems like it has real potential and if you are stressed about succeeding well Epic will assist you with your journey apart from helping you build a team if you are unable to there are so many and useful learning materials available on the Epic trading site. Join up and become a part of the team.

Ahmad Khasan replied 1 month ago

Hi, Shane. I see that you have joined the EPIC team. Congratulation on your decision. It will be the best decision we have made about creating a passive income.

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Shane Collins answered 1 month ago is just as stated above the perfect way to generate an income online and I find LuckScout rather refreshing yes the members get paid monthly and that does really work out perfect however lots can be learned from LuckScout there is a wide range of topics retaining information. Apart from that too offers opportunities such as Epic trading and it is all safe to invest in. There is just no way to really describe this site in words because of it being so great. There is lots to learn and find out about and on top of that you are rewarded with money. Joining LuckScout has been and continues to be a good decision that I am glad that I have made and the experience remains blissful.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 1 month ago

Hi, Ad.
That is a good and solid analysis. Measuring the point-to-dollar conversion rate is interesting in estimating the amount of money we made based on the point we have accumulated in a particular month.
In your analysis, the point-to-dollar conversion rate seems to decrease. I think you should also elaborate that the pointing system in each month is different. Consequently, the ease or difficulty for collecting point is vary from one month to another. 
Also, you should consider that the payment received by the top earner is in increasing trend since october 2020.
I think adding that points to your analysis will be useful to gain insight into how much money we can make by participating in the Luckscout Club.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Good analyses, i totally agree with your opinion about the points to dollar conversion rate the performance of the system is different from one month to another.

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Steinar Kloverod answered 1 month ago

The best with the LuckScout program is that you can have a meaningful occupation, especially when you are retired like me and at the same time earn a bit of money with your work.

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adharad answered 1 month ago

This month is my second month joining I was in second place in January. I hope I can improve in February

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