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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions🔎The Use of Google Search Statistics to Promote Google Organic Traffic
Shane Collins asked 2 months ago

🔎The Use of Google Search Statistics to Promote Google Organic Traffic

First thing is first we need to understand how search engines work. Search engines exists to make our daily lives easier by making a wide range of information available to us in a push of a button. Delving into Google search engine statistics will help any online business man or women understand the behavior in search trends that users more often Google therefor making it easier to make the most out of your resources to promote any activity of your choosing for example finding a good topic focused on a specific event or happening that already has people looking for answers. Google processes about 3.5 billion if not more searches daily. 63% of of organic search traffic comes from mobile devises and or tablets. The most popular searches in the recent years have been ” Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and zoom” 84% of despondence around the world will make use of google search engines roughly 3+ times a day if not more. Statistics also show that 46% of all product searches start on google how is this useful well it makes it much easier for marketers to asses search behaviors of consumers therefor making it easier to hit the the targeted group intended. Organic traffic is targeted on the most popular results of search engine statistics and is focused on a specific user query. How does this helps on LuckScout? Keeping up with the latest search statistics will promote already high searched topics to discuss and or write about that will attract more organic Google traffic leading this amazing site to growth. With organic traffic visibility is key and we need to keep up with search statistics to create quality post focused on specific topics. What is your opinion on this?

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