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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsThere Is Hope After the Pains Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic
Arisonace asked 1 month ago

There Is Hope After the Pains Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic

These are unprecedented times and the impact of COVID-19 cannot be denied. A lot of families are going through hard times at the moment while unstable government policies continues to contribute to the hardship faced by new entrepreneurs. However, there is a way out of every difficult moments if one is passionately interested and willing to sweat it out. Always remember, “there is a key, and no condition is permanent.”

kenndy4reality replied 2 weeks ago

How much monetarily have the countries of world lost through COVID-19 pandemic?

Birembero4 replied 2 weeks ago

Very difficult to quantify, imagine all small shops, hotels, bars and even big businesses which were locked during lock-down

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Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 1 month ago

An effective vaccine is the only hope.
There is no other solution for this disaster.

kenndy4reality replied 2 weeks ago

I agreed with vahid.
Vaccine is the only hope.

Birembero4 answered 2 weeks ago

 There is hope as the vaccine is  about to be in the market ,though we have to follow the WHO guidelines such that the number of victims does not escalate too much  compared to health services avairable in some countries.

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

The pandemic is having a major impact on the world economy. I have just submitted an article summarising the actions from the major Central Banks and the influence COVID is having on their economies. Hopefully the article will be approved and everyone will be able to read it.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Yes, the scientists have started making progress for the discovery of the cure for virus. 

Gareth White answered 5 days ago

Definitely need a vaccine to clear up this mess otherwise we will be stuck in a perpetual cycle like groundhog days

Jackson Mugarura answered 5 days ago

It’s true, time will come and Covid19 will go, like any other pandemics that have been here before and ended eg the Spanish flu of 1918. But, it’s effects will be far reaching because, business both big and small have collapsed and we are still counting. Everything has been affected in one way or another. 

David Matlala answered 5 days ago

According to the latest report on vaccines:
Research is taking place at breakneck speed
240 vaccines are in early development
40 in clinical trials
9 already in final testing stage on thousands of people
Looks promising…some light at the end of the tunnel.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 days ago

Yes there is Hope after the pains caused by covid19 pandemic and still causing around the world. But As we love to say where is the life there is a Hope. Scientists are working harder to discover an affective vacine .Many pandemic have been in the past and humans are still alive, it’s true that it will take long time to solve the problems caused by Covid19 but there is a Hope.

Jackson Mugarura answered 3 days ago

For me, I hope time will come when this pandemic end. Wheather through invention of a vaccine or otherwise. I was reading about how the Spanish flu of 2918-1920, it also claimed many lives finally came to an end.

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 days ago

A prosper period usually preceded by a period of crisis. And I think that those who can survive 2020 and all the crisis it has will have a fortune.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 day ago

Yes there is a Hope. Scientists are working harder to discover a good vaccine to completely cure the desease.and start a new life.

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