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David Matlala asked 3 months ago

This too, shall pass…

The power of impermanence of the human condition.
Know that whatever is currently going through your life, it’s temporary and  will change.
If you are having it tough, it won’t remain that way forever, it may get tougher but sooner or later it will become better. Some effort on your part can definitely assist this process of change. You’ll want to avoid a situation where things are allowed to get worse when this could have been prevented by appropriate intervention.
In the LuckScout club, we come from different backgrounds and situations but we have similar ambitions. We want to improve our lives. We want to make money that will enable us to create passive income streams. We are eager to learn and carry out the necessary steps that will effect the changes we seek.
You won’t remain a novice trader for ever. You’ll either quit or work on your strategy and mindset, until you become a consistently profitable trader. From there you will grow your account to make it one of your income streams. The momentum of the fleeting nature of the human condition should be harnessed and used positively.
The corona pandemic, which has caused much pain suffering , will also be brought to an end by this power of impermanence. This too, shall pass.
An Eastern ruler once asked his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: ”And this, too, shall pass away.”
Used in a speech by Abraham Lincoln – 30 September 1859

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13 Answers
Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 months ago

True talk, it shall surely pass

Nolo replied 3 months ago

Yes it shall!

Jackson Mugarura replied 3 months ago

It will definitely come to pass.

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Ahmad Khasan answered 3 months ago

Great, Nolo. This sentence teach us two crucial lessons. First, in absolute despair and suffering, this sentence gives us relief and helps us be patient, knowing that this despair and suffering condition shall pass. Second, in a time of absolute happiness and exultation, this simple sentence will calm our emotions. Knowing that this (happiness and exultation) too shall pass.

Thank you for sharing this.

Nolo replied 3 months ago

Very true!

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Edward Duffy answered 3 months ago

And this too, shall pass – I have been working toward this passing for some time now and I am really waiting and hoping that it does pass and I can see the results.
I wish everyone here the best of luck and hope that we all achieve our dreams.

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Gareth White answered 3 months ago

true true – where there is darkness there is always light. Keep pushing forward and eventually you will get there

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David Matlala answered 3 months ago

After darkness comes light and after the light comes darkness. The pendulum effect.

James0608 replied 3 months ago

Sure…we will definitely shall pass this epidemic together . After so much of hardness and pain caused by corona virus , the bright day sure will come soon . It’s only matter of time.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 months ago

Absolutely true nothing is forever, things change day by day. Very touching speech.

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Eli Davis Keinamura answered 3 months ago

Whatever situation a person passes through is a great testimony for the future.There is no situation that is permanent,a man is measured by challenges he manages successfully.

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Gareth White answered 3 months ago

Yes nothing is forever, eventually you will get where you need to be you just need to keep moving forward

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Jackson Mugarura answered 3 months ago

Yes it’s very right as the saying goes that “there’s no permanent situation.” Whatever it is, at some point in time, expect a change.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 months ago

There is no doubt about it, nothing remain for ever, Today the whole world is fighting the corona virus, the world economy is affected, many people died, lost their jobs,things are getting worse in several countries but the situation will not remain Forever, it will certainly change as we are seeking solutions, working hard to eradicate the virus.

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Shane Collins answered 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this moving post and yes you right “This too shall pass” I am sure we all are looking at better situations ahead but it is also very important to remember “Patience is a virtue” we have all just been through one though year not everything will get better or return to normal over night but it is very important to remember that our situations will change for the better.

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Kenneth Ogbonnaya answered 2 months ago

Definitely, no situation is permanent whether good or bad one.

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Gareth White answered 2 months ago

May take a little than everyone expected and will only pass once the vaccine arrives.

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