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Edward Duffy asked 2 weeks ago

US Presidential Election

It is now only a few weeks before the people of America vote to elect a new president. Are the worlds financial markets are getting a little nervous about the result. Will Donald Trump win a second term as president or will Joe Biden be the oldest president in history?

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Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

I think Trump will win a second term, and I don’t think that the financial markets will be impacted that much, unless something really unusual and unexpected happens. If Trump defeats Corona, that I think he will, and leaves the hospital, everything will be back to normal and markets won’t be impacted that much. Even if Trump wins the election again, the markets won’t react that much because they have already been impacted by Trump’s economic policy.
According to Mike Pence, COVID-19 vaccine will be released and accessible to the public by the end of 2020. It so, markets will show a positive reaction to it and they start recovering. People will be back to work and the economy will start recovering.
I hope so…
What do you think Edward? 🙂

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks Vahid, I think Trump will win the election but as we all know Trump was behind in the polls 4 years ago and due the crazy system in America he won. Trump is behind in the polls again this time around the same could happen this year. Who knows from an outsider to US politics and their electoral system I think anything can happen.
We will see what goes in November.

LuckScout Staff replied 2 weeks ago

You’re welcome.
Yes, you are right…
They manage… 🙂
He got released from hospital and then his today’s tweet made the stock market to recover the losses…

Edward Duffy answered 2 weeks ago

So it appears that COVID-19 is nowhere as bad as influenza, mmmm. I think someone needs ask the millions of elderly people around the world that have died or suffered and recovered and who will not be the same ever again. Gee Mr. President, you were able to receive some experimental drugs that no one else is able to receive.
Then we have the next debate next week (I think I heard correctly). Apparently we have the Vice President and the running mate of Joe Biden debating within the next 24 hours. Both of these will be extremely interesting.

Nolo answered 2 weeks ago

I also think Trump’s economic policies – approved by 51% of Americans – will give him the edge. His corona virus infection comes just at the right time to give him a boost, especially since it seems he is defeating it. Some political observers and economists put Biden ahead, but that remains to be seen.

Male answered 1 week ago

Is going to be an interesting election.

gwhite2203 answered 1 week ago

Trump has already won!! The US economy has never looked so good why wouldn’t the US vote him back in.

fdk191503 answered 6 days ago

I favor trump over Biden to win the presidency. The reason for that is simple. Trump won the 2016 election without having power over the US administration. And with his current position as the POTUS, he has much more power to win the 2020 election. Even if the media reported that Trump will lose and he conceded the polls to Biden, it is not the best predictor of the final outcome. Just recall back to the 2016 election, the media and the polls favored Hillary over Trump, but still Trump came out as the winner.
Let just see how the result will unfold.

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