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Questions and StoriesCategory: Questions🌏What Can We Do to Diminish the Impacts of Climate Change and Protect the Future of Our Next Generation?
Leno Jean Pierre asked 2 months ago

🌏What Can We Do to Diminish the Impacts of Climate Change and Protect the Future of Our Next Generation?

The future of our next generation is in danger as the impacts of climate change is obvious in every part of the planet Earth. The global average of surface temperature has increased, the heat is melting glaciers and Sea ice which lead to the raising of the Sea has also caused many species to move from one region to another; Plants has migrated farther to cooler, higher areas. Yet some region are experiencing more severe drought, increasing the risk of wildfires and desertification. According to the studies, in the next coming years some regions will receive more precipitation and others less, wet areas are going to get wetter and dry areas drier. Since the higher temperature lead to increased evaporation which will poses particular risk for region that already subsist on minimal rainfall or that depends on rain fed agriculture. Heavy precipitation events are going to be frequent and many others consequences in the future. We have to act very quickly to diminish the outcomes of the climate change. What can we do to diminish the impacts of climate change and protect the future of our next generation?

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Shane Collins answered 2 months ago

I feel climate change is a result of our carbon footprint and everything we do affects our carbon footprint. When we drive we release more carbon dioxide into the air which in the end makes our carbon footprint higher. When we buy plastic materials that are not so easy to dispose off seeing as it takes a lifetime to corrode we in the end make our carbon footprint higher. These are just two examples the list goes on and on. However Mr. Leno you are correct we can stop climate change by trying to lessoning our carbon footprints. Instead of driving everywhere we should have a walk if it is close enough. Stop using plastic packets to carry groceries buy and use the reusable material ones. The use of plastic is not good for the environment so try and use less plastic products and seeing as that may be hard not to use please dispose of it correctly and or recycle. There also needs to be measures in place to save water and all precaution should be taken and no waste should be dumped in any source of water including oceans. The use of JoJo tanks in the yard is very helpful and healthy the consumption of rainwater is much safer than normal tap water. These are just a few suggestions the list is never ending. However if one person alone does the above it will never work we need to work together and encourage others to do so the more people that are involved with trying to lesson their carbon footprint will eventually have a great and positive affect on global warming.

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