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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Cryptocurrency Is Performing Well and Would Be Worth a Look for Investors?
Edward Duffy asked 3 weeks ago

What Cryptocurrency Is Performing Well and Would Be Worth a Look for Investors?

I know that this site is suggesting that members start to mine Pi and for me this is doing okay and I am hoping that Pi when it hits the market will charge ahead like Bitcoin or one of the other crypto’s. I have been reading the articles here about cryptocurrencies and as the articles were first published a few years ago the information may be a little out of date. Other than Pi what are the cryptocurrencies an educated investor should consider and what are their pluses and minuses?

Jackson Mugarura replied 4 days ago

I think Bitcoin is one of them. Since it’s introduction it’s value has been stable and I do see it fall in the near future.

6 Answers
Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 3 weeks ago

I think Bitcoin and Ethereum are the best for now.

Eli Davis Keinamura answered 2 weeks ago

Ripple and maker are also best currently

Leno Jean Pierre answered 2 weeks ago

I think bitcoin and etherum are the best cryptocurrency for now .A also except Pi To be among the best and get higher value in few years

David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

The top 5 are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, VeChain and Binance Coin.

Ahmad Khasan answered 2 weeks ago

Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency. However, bitcoin has reached a high value, which causes disadvantages to new entrants or those with little money to invest. Those who wish to invest in cryptocurrency should wait until the Libra (the Facebook cryptocurrency) is released. I see that, once it is released, Libra will change the world of cryptocurrency tremendously.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 5 days ago

Bitcoin Cash, ripple, and Binance coin.
I also expect Pi coin to be among them.

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