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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Do You Think About President Orders?
Steinar Kloverod asked 1 month ago

What Do You Think About President Orders?

We have seen that president Biden has used a lot of president orders to change former president Trumps orders and decisions.  Here is some examples of these orders:  COVID-19 regulations, reinstall United States in the Paris agreement, reinstall United States in the WHO membership, environmental protections, memorandum that freeze all former president Trumps president orders from his last days in the White House, immigration policy regulations for visits from other countries, termination of the construction of the wall against Mexico, reinforcing Medicaid and affordable Care Act.

This is only a few examples of president Biden’s President Orders the first 9 days of his president period.  A president order will change a former president order on the same topic.  This way of political guidance gives a very unstable situation for inhabitants of a country that have to change their way of living or run their business depending on a new presidents orders.

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What do you think about president orders?  Is it more sustainable for a nation to reduce the use of president orders and take the time needed for handling a political case or matter in the parliament. For the United States the consequence will be more cases for a political treatment in the congress.

Virro84 replied 1 month ago

I better not answer or what do you think dad? Oh what the freck…. Trump over Biden anytime, Im really sad he lost over this man, or did he really? That remains a “mystery” regarding his changes of trumps laws. I don’t believe half of it is even true. Had to remove the smiley face to get it posted for some reason.

Shane Collins replied 1 month ago

I must say without a doubt I really do think Trump was a good president that had the citizens and United States best interests at heart however the court, judges and democrats have found the initial court case lacks evidence and has no legal merit and is seen as a waste of time for that reason furthermore it seems that Trump is facing more charges for the attack at the capitol on the 6th of January. Another baffling fact is that there is allegedly evidence to support that Mr. Trump has a history of suggesting violence to his followers. So if you ask me Trump has gotten some concern regarding the looming court cases he has to face.
Biden administration are claiming to change former presidents orders to fix the impact that Trump has had but I also do not really think this is the case and that everything is just blown out of proportion.
I can not say I agree with all of the new changes and feel that relieving the restrictions on immigration giving the ever growing concerns of the coronavirus pandemic may cause future problems and may even worsen the spread of infection.
All these changes so soon and so many also means that Biden is risking support from democrats.

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1 Answers
Shane Collins answered 1 month ago

I do not really follow political affairs that do not include South Africa but the elections did cause quite a stir and I did investigate and saw that president Trumps presidency is no more I know many did not agree with Trump however I feel he was a very good president that had the United states and residents best interests at heart. 
I guess only time will tell what is going to happen in the United States with the presidential orders changing.
The health care orders may cause more havoc if they continue to make to many changes without getting republicans on board they will for sure risk loosing support from democrats.
I must say I do however agree with the order on racial equity. However it is going to affect the business sector a great deal.
Relieving restrictions on immigration at the given timing is also not really ideal at the moment given the pandemic and its ever growing effects.
Hopefully Biden can fix the big division currently at play but if not things seem pretty grim. Hopefully by relieving restrictions the economy will do better.
Biden does seem to want to help with with the effect of covid-19 and it seems as if the economic recovery plan may be a good plan as Biden wants to move past the pandemic and the negative effects on the people. It also seems that small businesses will have some support going further.

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