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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Has Been Your Happiest Moment in Life?
Arisonace asked 4 weeks ago

What Has Been Your Happiest Moment in Life?

Many people want to live happy lives. This is the dream of everyone. Happiness most times is a treasure and the result of taking deliberate, purposeful and actionable steps. Becoming happy eludes a lot of families today and it seems like happiness is not easily attained. This is what I want and it is what you want to be happy. One way to experience happiness is to recall happy moments in the past. What has made you happy in the past? Can you remember? It could be the encounter with the love of your life, a solution earnestly sought and found, financial wins, or whatever it might have been. Share and you will be inviting such happiness state into your life once again.  This will bless me too. Thanks.

jeankomaro replied 1 week ago

Yes we all have had happiness moments in our lives and unhappy moments too. I remember in 2009 after trying tree times to get my exam to go at the University,in finally succeeded to get the exam in October 2009 .i was very happy and proud of myself .
I will never forget that day it reminds me how hard work, perseverance and commitment always pay. I couldn’t eat because I was full of happiness.

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Bishar125 answered 4 weeks ago

I see that like today it Friday  the day i got my love and got married  ifelt very excited  when i was even wearing the my suit  and i was eagerly  waitig my only  day every day  i remember  until  now

Edward Duffy answered 4 weeks ago

There have been many happy moments in my life. One of those was the day I married my wife and then each that each of my children were born.
There are a few more but the above are the important ones.

Vicaris answered 4 weeks ago

I can’t say because I am still living and also I am a young man.

Arisonace replied 4 weeks ago

Vicaris, when was the last time you became most excited and glad about an experience you can recall? We all have UN and Don moments in life.

Male answered 1 week ago

The happiest day in my life is the day I won a contract.

gwhite2203 answered 1 week ago

Without a doubt has to be when my kids were born – especially my daughter as I had to deliver her myself because the midwife and ambulance couldnt get to us in time. Scary as hell but I wouldnt change it for anything

Vicaris answered 6 days ago

Hi Arisonace, are you on Facebook. I would like to be friends with you. My Facebook name is Victor Emeka Nwankwo

kenndy4reality answered 6 days ago

My most excited day is the day I will carry my first child with my hands. 

Birembero4 answered 6 days ago

The day I received news for my form 6 exams,I had performed very well and qualified for government sponsor ship to go to university for free.

fdk191503 answered 5 days ago

The journey to achieve the goals that I have set and the exertion of energy and effort in the process are so much pleasing to me. And the moment when I achieved my goal is the peak of my happiness. And then, I set a bigger and more challenging goals, and the joy I feel in the journey is getting bigger. Of course, there difficulties and temporary failures and in the process, but overcoming these barriers and ultimately reach the goal is always feel good to me. Including the journey I make here on Luckscout club.

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