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Steinar Kloverod asked 1 month ago

What Is Epic Trading All About?

Epic Trading is an legitimate business that both offer education in Forex Trading and have a compensation plan for the members.   The compensation plan is a legitimate pyramid scheme.  You can read all about in my post Joining a legitimate MLM is the best way of having passive income.

When people hear about pyramid schemes they immediately think it is a illegal activity.  They are very skeptical to such a product or the way it is promoted.  The difference between legal and illegal pyramid marketing have I explained in the previous post.

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Even if the difference between a legitimate and illegitimate pyramid product is explained in several articles and posts, people still have problems with the definition of the term.  I have studied the definitions of a pyramid scheme that I already have mentioned and I can guarantee that Epic Trading is legitimate..

The heading of this post is What is Epic Trading all about.  Epic Trading is a new product or company that was established in 2020 with a purpose to give education to people that want to learn about Forex Trading.  They have their Epic University that gives you lectures in how to do Forex Trading and they offer also trading signals to their members.

Their most interesting product is the Compensation Plan.  If you manage to refer three people to start within your team, your team will grow and you will start making money.  I will explain it later.

It is people with long experience that are the founders of Epic Trading and you can read more about it on the Epic Trading home site.

Forex Trading

Like I said before Epic Trading main product is their Forex trading education.  It is build up in a way that gives you the opportunity to learn Forex trading from the beginning and then when you get more knowledge you will be able to trade Forex yourself.  Forex is just another name on trading with currency pairs.  You can both have short day trading positions and trade currencies with a longer time period.  Day trading positions is currency trade positions with a range from minutes to hours.

It is several members of Epic Trading that is only interested in their Forex Trading service.  This is because of their Forex trading signals and the possibility to come in contact with other people with the same interests.  You can use Telegram to chat with each other and share experiences with Forex trading and the Epic Trading Forex signals are also released through the freeware app Telegram. You can send messages, chat and have video calls on Telegram.

Epic Compensation Plan

The Epic Compensation plan is a very special possibility to make residual income for the members of Epic Trading.  It is of course legal like I have explained earlier and will after a while give you a passive income in a way that is explained on their home site.

I mentioned earlier that you have to refer three people to make the Compensation Plan grow.  It is very difficult for most people to recruit members to a activity like Epic Trading.  I have also explained it earlier.  It is a way to help you with this task.

If you join LuckScout club and pay a monthly membership fee $95,00 you will get help to refer people to your Epic Compensation account and team and your account will start making residual money according to the plan.  The monthly fee for a membership with Epic Trading is $134,99 and that amount will be reduced to $14.99 when it is referred 3 members to your account.  You have to sign in for an IBO account to be able to get provision for your referrals.  For the moment LuckScout Club offer free help with their work to grow your Compensation Plan.  They will pay both the Scholar fee and the IBO fee for you until your account is starting earning residual money.  LuckScout Club also give you the opportunity to earn points being active with reading articles, write articles, posts and questions, answer questions, play games and other activities of great interest.  If you are active you will have the possibility to have your points converted to money.  In that way it is possible to get your monthly membership fee covered.


Now you have heard What Epic Trading is all about.  It is a great possibility for everyone, both people that only trade Forex and wish to achieve better results with the Epic Trading Forex education and their Epic Trading signals, and those who want to both trade forex and attend their Compensation Plan.

Further information can be found on their website. If you want membership, you can sign up by using my membership link.

My membership ID is 3075802 in case the form asks you to enter it.

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3 Answers
Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 month ago

Really it unbelievable opportunity that no one should not miss, i have seen their performance since September and it seems to be very promising.

Steinar Kloverod replied 1 month ago

Hi Leno,
You should go for this opportunity yourself. It is completa ly risk free and you will after a while earn residual money. You can sign in to my team if you like.

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Edward Duffy answered 1 month ago

Steinar, good explanation. We need more people to join us here and more people to promote

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Ahmad Khasan answered 4 weeks ago

Hi, Mr Steinar. 
That is a solid post. EPIC trading is the best network marketing business in the forex industry. The primary aim of EPIC trading is to teach their student to be a consistently profitable trader. They have great material and provide a supportive learning community for those who want to learn to trade the forex market. This skill alone will make EPIC scholar a millionaire if they successfully follow the educational program. Then, their compensation plan will be able to give them a high passive income. Furthermore, if they combine EPIC trading and Luckscout system, they can grow the network marketing business of EPIC trading by doing nothing but join and keep their account active.
This is the best opportunity for those who really want to make serious money online.

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