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Shane Collins asked 4 weeks ago

What Is Network Marketing and How Can You Make Money with It?

Network marketing is a type of business model that depends on person to person sales by independent sales representatives that often work from the comfort of their home. Network marketing may require that  you  build a network of people/business partners and sales people with assistance in lead generation and closing of sales.

There are so many reputable marketing networks but they are often denounced and or viewed as pyramid schemes. Some network marketing programs may focus less on person to person sales but will require new recruits to pay upfront for expensive start up kits and or services. These are the networking programs we need to be wary of. Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing. The direct selling method of a product and or service to a large network of people.

Network marketers earn their money by selling products and services to people by themselves and or by recruiting others to sell products and services for them until there are lots of distributors selling the same product and or service. Good examples of these types of network marketing are Avon, Honey and Nuskin products.

Another way of defining how network marketers earn their money is by saying each distributor is an independent business owner (IBO) and or independent sale representative and that they get paid for sales and recruitments made. Money is also made from their recruits and from the sales and recruits they make.  Bonuses are often earned for new recruits and sales and can earn residual income on repeat business.

The following are important and key things to know about network marketing.

  • Appeals to people with sales skills who can build a profitable business with a modest investment.
  • Network marketing can be a single-tier program however it can vary and can consist as a multi-tier program that requires recruitment.
  • Network marketing has many forms and names such as the following: multi-level marketing, cellular marketing, affiliate marketing, consumer direct marketing, referral marketing and home based franchising.

I feel that there is one major disadvantage to network marketing and that being that they are often viewed as pyramid schemes but the appeal is that trading can also be viewed as a form of network marketing and enables individuals to create a profitable business with a modest investment. Not all multi-tier investments are unsafe and I really want to tell you about one. I get that the idea of a pyramid scheme is scary but I feel the fact that Epic trading is a multi-tier investment/ membership that gets overlooked and scares lots of people off.

Yes, Epic trading’s compensation plan does in fact consist of a legal pyramid scheme but it is also in a way a very good and safe form of network marketing. Epic trading offers individuals the chance to start an online business with a modest investment.

Yes, recruiting is a part of it to build your team but this company understands that recruiting is not easy and that many will not be able to recruit people, that is why they help you with recruits and build your team for you.

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Epic trading is not all about getting recruits. If you were ever interested in Forex trading but haven’t started yet Epic Trading is the place to start. Why? Well that’s an easy answer Epic Trading not only enables you to earn money from them but also provide you with a trading course. They teach you how to take trades and teach you how to trade with forex and Epic trading successfully.

Members of Epic Trading are also provided with some very successful and sought after trading signals.

Do not let the word pyramid scheme scare you as that is not what Epic trading is about. Here is my referral link below for you to have a look and sign up because I promise you, you are missing an opportunity EARN WHILE YOU LEARN:

Jackson Mugarura replied 4 weeks ago

Shane, this is great work!

Shane Collins replied 4 weeks ago

Thank you so mush Mr. Jackson love the compliment.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 4 weeks ago

I don’t know how it works, i need to make researches to have a little bit about it. What I know is that many people are making money using the network marketing.

Shane Collins replied 4 weeks ago

Network marketing is really a great way to make money Mr. Leno and like I have mentioned above trading is your safer options when it comes to network marketing however there are many more reputable network marketing opportunities available. Research is key and think carefully before making investments.

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