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Questions and StoriesCategory: StoriesWhat Is the Affects on Diminishing Someone’s Mental Health Disorder? What Is Your Opinion on Mental Health?
Shane Collins asked 2 months ago

What Is the Affects on Diminishing Someone’s Mental Health Disorder? What Is Your Opinion on Mental Health?

I spent some time on Facebook a few days ago and read a very interesting comment where a lady stated that people with mental health issues are just attention seekers and that nobody needs to show them any kindness or sympathy I however differ from opinion.
Mental health is just as a serious illness as others caused by a chemical imbalance in a persons brain and unfair judgments on mental health can have very severe conciseness for the person suffering from a mental health disorder. Suicide is a leading reason for death in today society so what we say can affect someone to that extent we are not aware of anyone’s true mental status and how we act towards people with a mental disorder can have devastating effects.
My question is what do you think about the hole situation? Do you feel this ladies comment was acceptable and how do you think that comment potentially affected the person with the mental health disorder?

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Ahmad Khasan answered 2 months ago

The health law in my country defines health as “A person’s sound physical, mental, spiritual, and social condition that support a person to have a productive live both socially and economically”. Yes, mental illness is as important as physical illness. The health system should treat depression (an example of mental illness) as seriously as they treat cancer (physical illness). Of course there is also spiritual and social illness which is less common than the previous two.
However, it is very unfortunate that the current state of development of the health system is not adequate to cover the broad aspect of health. Even, for the physical aspect, the health system concerns more on curing the diseases not on promoting the perfection of physical capability of every individual. Maybe it will take decades for our health system to be able to cover that broad definition of health.
For now, it is only religion who provide, systematically, the cure for mental and spiritual illness. Compassion, love, kind-act, are the universal teaching of religions. In my opinion, they are the true cures of mental and spiritual illness.

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 months ago

There is no denying the fact that mental illness is a disorder in mental health of the sufferer. I don’t agree with her.

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 2 months ago

I strongly feel that no one would like to be mentally deranged. There is no benefit from being mad.

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Edward Duffy answered 2 months ago

Mental health is real and people that suffer from different disorders need help and they need our support. I know people with mental health issues and they need support and the people I know are trying to live their lives the best they can and these comments are not helpful.

Shane Collins replied 2 months ago

I agree people should watch how they treat each other and there is power in what we say. We do need to support one another and not drag each other down.

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David Matlala answered 2 months ago

It’s unfortunate that some individuals choose to believe that mental illness is not a disease. Such people seem to never have experienced trauma or having a loved one suffering a mental disorder.

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Jackson Mugarura answered 2 months ago

No question mental health disorder is real and we need to change our mindset and offer a helping hand in such situations. It affects all kinds of people no matter your status in the society. Therefore, we to face the reality.

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Leno Jean Pierre answered 3 weeks ago

Mr Jackson, you said something that really touched my heart, people with mental disorder need our help, we have to help them out of the situation, many of them can recover the capacity to analyze situations and becomes useful for the society.

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