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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Is the Correlation Between Currency and Stock Trading?
Nnaemeka Victor asked 4 weeks ago

What Is the Correlation Between Currency and Stock Trading?

Is there any difference between them? If any, can you explain in detail what they are?

7 Answers
Vahid Chaychi Staff answered 4 weeks ago

The title and the description are different.
The title says whether there is a correlation between currency and stock trading. The answer is yes. They are strongly correlated.
But in the description you are asking if they are different or not. Everybody knows that they are different. Stocks are shares of companies, and currencies are currencies. Everybody knows this.

Vicaris replied 4 weeks ago

Is the trading approach and strategy the same?

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Yes, all the trading techniques and chart analysis are the same.

Edward Duffy answered 3 weeks ago

The other thing that is the same in the two is the risk that is involved and the risk of getting it wrong.

Male answered 2 weeks ago

Currencies can be use anywhere to goods and pay for services while Stocks/Shares are domicile with the brokers.

Birembero4 answered 1 week ago

There are stocks which are   directly correlated with currencies eg when USD is doing well most stocks  also perform well in USA.

David Matlala answered 1 week ago

There is a correlation between the US Dollar Index and the stock indices like the Nasdaq and the S&P 500.

kenndy4reality answered 1 week ago

Currency is correlated to stock because of their risk appetite. And also when economy of a country is doing well, both their stocks and currency will appreciate in value.. 

Leno Jean Pierre answered 1 week ago

The answer is yes the stocks and currencies are correlated.

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