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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Is Your Biggest Dream You Always Wanted to Achieve the Whole Life, But You Haven’t Achieved It Yet?
Vahid Chaychi Staff asked 1 month ago

What Is Your Biggest Dream You Always Wanted to Achieve the Whole Life, But You Haven’t Achieved It Yet?

Yes, that is an important and big question:
What Is Your Biggest Dream You Always Wanted to Achieve the Whole Life, But You Haven’t Achieved It Yet?
Do you think you can achieve it eventually, or it will always remain a dream?
What have you done toward achieving it so far?

Hillary Ogana replied 1 month ago

A dream of becoming a fully financial independent and be able to help others to reach the same level.

Christopher Ebhomien replied 1 month ago

Love such a dream, because it is not self centered. Some people want every good thing to be around them only, must not reach the other person. That’s bad attitude to life.

gwhite2203 replied 1 month ago

To be financially independent so I can then help all those who aren’t. Also to repay all those who have helped me a long the way whether it be with money, time or love

David replied 1 month ago

Financial freedom is indeed what most people strive for. We yearn to be able to afford all the necessities of life and even indulge in some pleasurable activities. It is even so when you don’t owe anybody and nobody owes you. It is preferable not to be owed by somebody because this generate anxiety and stress. Is it perhaps not possible to be free of owing and being owed something? Maybe its a question of being able to manage the two properly by keeping them at a minimum.

Zincume replied 2 weeks ago

My dream is to become financially independent, so that I can look after myself and those who need my help some it’s very good to do things you like then have a job that only cover your living

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Jackson answered 1 month ago

My biggest dream in life is to achieve massive success and leave a rich legacy. However, I have to say that, “whatever we want in life, you must fight for it because if you don’t fight for it, what you don’t want will take over” Therefore, it goes without saying that, everyday in life is fight. I have been fighting all my life in order to better my life, and I have a lot of hope that this dream will one day become a reality.

Christopher Ebhomien replied 1 month ago

Attitude to life must be positive at all times. You don’t give up no matter the odds. That is the winning way to victory in the life that is full of battles. And when you refused to give up, victory will say, ‘here I come’.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

Choose a goal and focus on it.

Hillary Ogana answered 1 month ago

To reach real financial independent and help others to get to the same level.

Christopher Ebhomien replied 1 month ago

Keep it up and you will soon tell others the success story.

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

This is really possible. It all depends on yourself. You can do it if you want.

Marcia Khosa replied 1 month ago

My dream is to be appreciated by my husband and be recognised that I have been a fearful wife

Christopher Ebhomien answered 1 month ago

I want to be successful in my carrier and in life. But one thing I have discovered is that there are forces working to stall that progress, particularly those of us from this part of the world. There is a force above all forces that back you and then you can get to given target in life and even exceed it. I am getting there

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 1 month ago

Then, if I were you, I would migrate…

Emmanuel Enya answered 1 month ago

I wish to be financially independent, like having multiple source of viable income generating investment or establishment
I really believe I could achieve it, am working on myself, I have various online and offline business am involved in.
P.S; I did send an email to you sir, Mr vahid about the forex affiliate setup but am yet to get a response, probably it went to your spam folder.
Hoping to hear from you.

LuckScout Staff replied 1 month ago

Thank you Emmanuel.
We will reply you as soon as possible.

Arisonace answered 4 weeks ago

My dream is to become a citizen of the United States. This may no longer be a priority because I don’t need to be in the States to make $$$. I can make it even in the jungle of the Sahara desert once I’ve got myself connected to the internet and I don’t loose my mind. 

Vahid Chaychi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Yes, you can now make money almost from anywhere in the world, if you can have access to the Internet, and receive the money you make.

Kenneth replied 2 weeks ago

My biggest dream that I have not yet achieved is giving financial support to poor countries and NGO’s.

Male answered 1 week ago

My dream is become a successful person al-rounds.  

Birembero4 answered 4 days ago

My biggest dream which l work for is to have enough money  for traveling, retiring well,to the extent that any problem l face which involves money l can handle.

jackso answered 2 days ago

Financial, time and position freedom are now my major dream, and hopefully my joining luckscout club will help me fulfill this dream.

jeankomaro answered 2 days ago

One of my biggest dream is to establish my Own bussiness which will help me to have an stable income, then help others people to achieve their goals. I also Dream to have a big Garden where I can raise vegetables, then sell them at a lower price to the poor people.

Jonathan answered 2 days ago

The biggest dreams that I never achieve in my life is to live life in financial freedom and improve my English proficiency to equipe myself to serve others in society.

Vicaris answered 2 days ago

To be financially free, make a positive impact in lives of my people and in whole world and to explore the world.

jeankomaro answered 7 hours ago

My biggest dream when I was a child was to be a Great Doctor to help people at the hospital, but unfortunately I couldn’t achieve it because after getting my exam to go to the university,the government sent me at the Biology department according to the marks I got during the exam. I didn’t change my mind until they told me that to be a good Doctor I Had to study Medecine after getting bachelor degree at the University. That was a little bit difficult for me. In my country Gunnea Conakry study medecine take 7 years for studies and 3 years for training at the hospital. So I suddenly changed my mind and continued at the biology department. My dream never become true. I would love to help people recover their healthy.

jackso answered 2 hours ago

Financial time and location freedom. To be able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and where i want to do it. Be able to travel and visit many places in the world, enjoy my life to it’s fullest.

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