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Questions and StoriesCategory: QuestionsWhat Is Your Most Challenging Moment to Date?
Nnaemeka Victor asked 1 month ago

What Is Your Most Challenging Moment to Date?

As for me, my most challenging moment was when I lost my Dad. Truly, I was not ready for that painful experience and all the responsibilities fell on me because I am the first child. It was indeed a hard pill to swallow. I felt like giving him up but I persisted and kept on working hard and believing in God that things would turn around for good. I experienced ups and downs in the business my father left behind coupled with my country’s poor and hard economy but I was not despaired and I had strong conviction that it can only get better. All that is needed is to keep on pushing because as long as there’s life, there is still hope however how slim it might be.

It’s now 6 years ago since my father’s demise and I can confidently say that I am grateful to God for seeing me through these hurdles thus far.

👉 What’s your most challenging moment so far?

Edward Duffy replied 1 month ago

I have had two really challenging periods in my life to date and the first is being told that I had bowel cancer and I was required to have chemotherapy and also radiotherapy. After this treatment I had surgery to remove a large portion of my colon. The next challenging period was twelve months after this when I was told that I had a tumor in my liver and that the location of the tumor could have an impact on my life. Thankfully the tumor was able to be removed along with that half of my liver. This has had a profound impact on my life in many ways which includes the type of food that I am able to eat.
I also understand where you are Vicaris as I lost my Dad seven years ago and I feel the same as you.

Vicaris replied 1 month ago

Thanks be to God for being by your side throughout these years and he will keep seeing you through.

Edward Duffy replied 1 month ago

Thanks Vicaris, I really hope so.
Thank you

Jackson Mugarura replied 1 month ago

I’m sorry, my reaction was meant to be in response to vicarius question. ” What the most challenging moment in your life”

Zincume replied 3 weeks ago

My most challenge Date in my life is when I lost my dadon December holiday, when every one looking forward to Christmas but I was morning for my father dead, it’s not easy things as father is everything among any family and its when I bieng to know that I have to work hard for a living and get any job that I can come a cross with

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Nnaemeka Victor answered 3 weeks ago

Very touching replies so far. I am expecting more answers from other members.

David Matlala answered 2 weeks ago

Three years ago thieves broke into my home and stole a lot of goods. That really set me back considerably. Possessions can be replaced but the threat to one’s well being and the loss of a loved one is quite heart- wrenching. Let’s all be strong, pick up the pieces and soldier on.

Zincume replied 2 weeks ago

Very touching story sorry to hear that

Male answered 2 weeks ago

The day I got my first job.

Leno Jean Pierre answered 6 days ago

My most challenging moment to date was 5 years ago. I was dating with a girl that I really loved and she really loved each others at that time,but when I introduced her to my parents they rejected her and said I should not marry her because of her back ground. I was surprised by their reactions and did not what to do. Finally l took decision to follow my parents’ advice.

Gareth White answered 6 days ago

Really tough question to read the answers to and to write a response to. My most recent obviously is the loss of my mother a couple of months ago to COVID. Wasnt expected at the beginning of the year but as COVID set in it certainly became a possibility and then unfortunately become a reality. Im not sure it has really sunk in but will do once the family all gets together especially at Christmas (hopefully).

kenndy4reality replied 6 days ago

That’s good, any marriage without the both parents blessing is like a building without foundation.

Jackson Mugarura answered 6 days ago

My most challenging moment, was when I lost job, and I tried to start a business and it also failed. I was completely challenged, after losing that job, I tried my best and organized capital the start my own business. But sooner than later, the road became too bumpy. I found I had quite a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, with a limited source of income. I needed to pay school fees for my children, buying all the necessities at home but using limited income. In less than a year, my capital got wiped out and my business collapsed. Still after the collapse of the business, now it became worse. I had to start a fresh looking for a job now. But finally I got some Job.

kenndy4reality answered 6 days ago

My most challenging moment was the day I lost my father. Honestly , I wished that the whole world will come to an end immediately. 

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